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Zhejiang Cohen Electric Co., Ltd. made great efforts to accelerate the brand layout of high-speed rail marketing in an all-round way.

brand awareness, as the soft power of enterprise competition, plays an important role in enterprise development. Of course, brand promotion must be combined with the actual situation of the enterprise itself, and precision marketing is the key to success. After the signing of the national joint insurance and CCTV, Zhejiang Cohen Electric Co., Ltd. launched another attack, landing on 1500 high-speed trains such as Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing Harbin, Shanghai Kunming, Shanghai Shenzhen and Hefu, encountering high-end people, and making full efforts in high-speed rail precision marketing, so that the brand and high-speed rail can embark on a new era of rapid development together

the speed of the high-speed railway is impressive. Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance, which focuses on the research, development, production and sales of high-end kitchen appliances, has developed rapidly as fast as the high-speed railway. Over the years, Cohen Electric has unswervingly pursued quality. With differentiated marketing, innovative product design, and strict quality control, it has now built nearly 2000 Cohen stores across the country. The healthy development of a brand requires continuous accumulation and precipitation. From the signing of Wu Jing as the spokesperson, to Xuanang's competition for CCTV, and then to the signing of the comprehensive high-speed railway, Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance has been on the track of rapid development

according to relevant statistics, the vast majority of high-speed rail people are business people, who have high income and strong consumption ability, and are high-quality consumer groups and media audiences. For Cohen appliances, this group of people is highly matched with the current positioning of the brand and the direction of future development. For this reason, high-speed rail has become an important part of Cohen appliances' 2016 communication strategy

in addition to being safe and fast, high-speed rail has won the favor of travelers with the advantage of "comfort and environmental protection", which is highly consistent with the concept of being responsible for customers, the environment and the society advocated by Cohen appliance, which is also another important reason for Cohen appliance to launch high-speed rail. Yu Feng, general manager of Cohen appliances: "while maintaining rapid development, enterprises should also pay attention to the communication with consumers, pay attention to the needs of consumers, and strive to provide consumers with high-quality and cost-effective kitchen products to create a comfortable and warm home life!"




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