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Window and door companies usually focus on attracting investment. Many company activities, such as brand planning, packaging promotion, advertising, celebrity endorsement, exhibition, etc., are opened around attracting investment. Xiaobian analyzes several key points that need to be paid attention to in the franchise for door and window franchisees

1. Strength investigation

door and window franchisees need to conduct manufacturer strength investigation, including manufacturer's business license, commodity certificates, brand promotion investment, manufacturer's floor area, quantity and grade of production equipment, etc. Ensuring the authenticity of hardware is the first priority. In the survey, you can see the frequency of the introduction of goods in the company. If such goods may symbolize the whole factory, you can rest assured

2. Determine the policy investment promotion group

door and window franchisees should determine the policy investment promotion group that is suitable for their own conditions (including the market positioning, commodity characteristics, channel characteristics, etc. of their own doors and windows). The door and window companies should recognize that they can not act for their own doors and windows only if the franchisees have money, but also ask these franchisees to have the ability and means to operate the mall. Brand image is the weight and value of goods in the hearts of the public. What customers purchase is no longer a simple commodity, but a complex of commodity use value and brand added value

3. Pay attention to brand property

because customers now have a lot of goods to choose from, it is very important whether the brand you join has a collection of brand property, which is also the main factor affecting customers' choice of goods. If there is no accumulation of brand property for a commodity, then the franchisee's efforts are equivalent to accumulating brand property for the company, and you are equivalent to "supporting yourself" with it

Guanhao doors and windows believes that in addition to the above, the most important thing is to pay attention to whether the operation concept is in harmony, which is ignored by many franchisees. As a result, there are many contradictions with manufacturers in the later cooperation. The conflict in concept is the most difficult to reconcile, which will directly lead to the conflict in practice. Based on this, franchisees must understand the promotion concept of door and window manufacturers and whether it can match their own promotion concept, otherwise the cooperation will be difficult to last





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