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What size should we pay attention to in kitchen and bathroom decoration

suggestions for home decoration wiring

the first process of decoration is "wiring". In the process of decorating our rooms, we often ignore the overall consideration of power wiring, resulting in unreasonable wiring or leakage; Moreover, with the rapid development of economy, the power wiring in the original construction is far from meeting people's needs. Here are some suggestions on power wiring in home decoration for your reference during decoration


finally, we need to remind that according to the actual situation of the power load and the equipment load that may be added, when selecting the power line, we must choose the national standard line to avoid the connection, short circuit or equipment damage caused by overload; When selecting electrical components, do not charge them at once to avoid accidents

circuit transformation involves space positioning and slotting, so it should be carried out in advance. It is strictly forbidden to directly bury the conductor into the plastering layer, and there is no joint in the conductor conduit. At the same time, the conduit used (PVC flame-retardant pipe) shall be strictly inspected to comply with national standards, and the laying of the pipeline shall follow the principle of "safety, convenience, economy and objectivity". At the same time, for special power circuits, such as air conditioners, integral bathrooms, electric showers, etc., it is recommended that users check whether there are protective devices before configuring corresponding leakage protection switches to ensure the safety of users' property. After the completion of the project, the leakage switch shall be tested and a complete circuit diagram shall be given for future maintenance


generally should be 7 routes: including power line, lighting line, air conditioning line, TV feeder, telephone line, computer line, alarm line

the terminals of each line in the bedroom should be reserved: the power line port should be reserved above the bedside table, and it is appropriate to use a 5-hole patch panel with a switch, which can reduce the trouble that the bedside lamp is not switched on and off, and the telephone line port should also be reserved. If the bedside table is double, the power line port and the telephone line port should be reserved above the two bedside tables respectively. The power connection port should be reserved above the dressing table. In addition, the reflected light should be considered above the dressing mirror, and another switch should be installed next to the wire box. Power line, TV feeder, computer line and telephone line interface shall be installed above the writing desk or computer desk. Single head lamp or ceiling lamp shall be used for lighting, and multi head lamp shall be equipped with sub controller, with the focus on switch. It is recommended to use double control switch, single connection, one installed on the outside of the bedroom, and the other installed on the upper side of the bedside table or the easy to operate part of the bedside. If the terminal interface of the air conditioning line is to be reserved, the position should be set by the air conditioning installation professional. The alarm line needs to be left with a wire opening at the top. If the bedroom adopts far-infrared heating under the floor, the power line and switch regulator must adopt a switch suitable for 6 square copper wires to match the required voltage. The temperature controller must not use ordinary lighting switches, and the circuit must be laid separately until the household power control part is turned on

corridor and hallway

should be two routes: including power line and lighting line

1-2 power terminal interfaces are reserved. The lighting should be determined according to the length and area of the corridor. If it is wide, ceiling lights and wall lights can be installed; If it is narrow, only ceiling lamps or transparent glass roofs can be installed, and switches can be installed inside the outdoor


should have two routes: including power line and lighting line

the power line is particularly important. It is best to choose 4mm2 line, because with the update of kitchen equipment, the current use of equipment such as microwave ovens, range hoods, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, food processing machines, electric ovens, refrigerators and so on is increasing, so the power interface should be reserved in different parts according to customer requirements, and there should be a little surplus for future use of kitchen equipment. The power interface should not be less than 50cm from the ground, Avoid short circuit caused by humidity. The switch of lighting is best installed on the outside of the kitchen door

the restaurant

should have three routes: including power line, lighting line and air conditioning line

try to reserve 2 to 3 power connection ports for the power line. It is best to choose warm color light source for lighting, and the switch is selected on the inside of the door. The air conditioner also needs to reserve interfaces according to the requirements of professionals

the toilet

should have three lines: power line, lighting line and telephone line

the power line should be 4mm2. Considering large current equipment such as electric water heater and electric heater, it is best to install the power line interface in the part that is not easy to be soaked by water, such as on the upper side of the electric water heater or on the upper side of the ceiling. At present, the electric heater is optimistic about Yuba, which can solve the problems of lighting, heating, ventilation and so on. Yuba switch should be placed indoors. The lighting light or mirror light switch should be placed outside the door. If you want to leave a telephone interface in a relatively dry place, it is best to choose it around the toilet. Pay attention to the waterproof type of telephone interface

living room

the wiring of the living room should generally be 8 routes: including power line (2.5mm2 copper wire), lighting line (2.5mm2 copper wire), air conditioning line (4mm2 copper wire), TV line (feeder), telephone line (4-core sheathed wire), computer line (5-type double leg wire), intercom or doorbell line (4-core sheathed wire can be selected, 2-core spare), alarm line (smoke detector, infrared alarm line, 8-core sheathed wire)

distribution of wire terminals in the living room: power supply (5-hole panel), TV and computer wire terminals are to be left above the TV cabinet. The hole to be reserved at the terminal of the air-conditioning line should be reserved according to the position measured by the professional air-conditioning installer. The air-conditioning line (16a panel) and lighting line switch should be reserved. Single head or ceiling lamp can adopt single connection switch; For multi head chandeliers, a light sub controller can be installed on the chandelier to adjust the brightness as needed. Leave a telephone line at the edge of the sofa. Intercom or doorbell wire opening shall be reserved inside the door. An alarm line opening is to be left on the top

if refrigerators, water dispensers, humidifiers and other equipment need to be placed in the living room, power outlets should be reserved according to the placement position. Generally, at least 5 power outlets should be reserved in the living room


should be 7 lines; Including power line, lighting line, TV line, telephone line, computer line, air conditioning line and alarm line

for the writing desk or computer desk in the study, the terminal interfaces of power line, computer line, telephone line and TV line should be installed above the desk. From the perspective of safety, 1-2 power sockets should be installed under the writing desk or computer for the power supply of computer supporting equipment. If the lamp light is a multi head lamp, a sub controller should be added, and the switch can be installed inside the study door. The opening of the air conditioner should be reserved according to the requirements of professional installation personnel. The alarm line should have a wiring port on the top


should be 2 lines: including power line and lighting line

1-2 interfaces are reserved at the power line terminal. The lighting light should be set on the wall that does not affect the drying of clothes or installed under the baffle. The switch should be installed in the room connected with the balcony door and should not be installed in the balcony





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