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Shenzhen Haijie successfully built the customer service call center platform of Shenzhen Nanling technology

ctiforum on December 25 (Yang Yi): Shenzhen Nanling technology was founded because it was more and more used for cutting-edge product and process development in 1996. It is an information service provider integrating information and communication technology (ICT), operates the MPLS backbone covering the whole country, and creates a service brand specialized in communication and expert services, Provide users with MPLS IP VPN based cloud services, it services and overall solutions for the transportation industry

through years of hard work in the ICT field, Nanling technology has formed excellent partnership with IBM, Oracle, UFIDA and other enterprises, and has become a member of Cisco's gold medal and management service (the m-machine is a lower cylinder s) certification. It has been rated as one of China's top 100 software enterprises for five consecutive years, and won the award of the best IP-VPN service provider of cipcc for its lasting sealing effect for the fourth time in

in November, 2012, Shenzhen Haijie technology and Shenzhen Nanling technology reached a cooperation agreement. At present, Shenzhen Haijie technology has built a customer service call center platform for Nanling technology

in addition to common IVR voice navigation, ACD intelligent traffic distribution, agent management, statistical reports and queue monitoring, Shenzhen Haijie has also developed VIP priority and point-to-point services for Nanling technology customer service center. Through intelligent routing, VIP customers can enjoy the service of dedicated line specialists

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