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Shenzhen Kangli Stone Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Kangli Stone Co., Ltd., one of the most comprehensive stone enterprise groups in China, is one of the top ten stone brands, Guangdong famous brand, Fujian famous brand, well-known brand in China's stone industry, and integrates mining, block trade and engineering stone supply. Kangli stone was founded in 1989. Based on the core values of "integrity, enterprising, equality and gratitude", After more than 20 years of hard work, it has developed into an area of more than 800000 square meters, more than 2200 employees, more than 500 sets of imported equipment, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan

the company has established a global stone procurement system earlier, set up a permanent procurement agency in the main high-quality stone production areas in the world, and has a good cooperative relationship with global high-quality stone miners for many years. Every year, the company introduces dozens of new high-quality stone varieties from all over the world in the Chinese market, and is committed to leading the popular trend of stone varieties in the Chinese market

the company has invested in three large-scale engineering stone processing bases in Shenzhen, Shuitou and Tianjin. It has more than 360 sets of world-class stone processing equipment, more than 2200 employees, more than 60000 cubic meters of raw material inventory, more than 500000 square meters of large plate inventory, and an annual output of 1.5 million square meters of large plate, 1million square meters of Engineering plate, 50000 square meters of arc plate and 400000 meters of lines

the company took the lead in passing ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification in the industry. It is one of the drafting units of the national stone standards natural marble building plate and natural granite building plate. The company has won the famous brand of Guangdong Province and Fujian Province, and continues to be committed to building the first brand in China's stone industry

the company only needs to press the reset key on the main interface to automatically reset the whole process and position itself in the global high-end engineering stone supply. It has completed Barcelona Airport in Spain, CPP rece in the reception hall of the presidential palace in Turkmenistan, the test machine option hall in Jinan, oguzken hotel in the presidential palace in Turkmenistan, Russian Federation tower in Moscow, Yunnan Hall of the Great Hall of the people in Beijing Stone supply for famous projects at home and abroad, such as the administrative office building of the Ministry of public security in Beijing, Beijing New Poly building, Shanghai Ping An financial building, Shanghai Grand Theater, Guangzhou International Financial Center (West Tower), Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport VIP Hall, sipac building in Suzhou Industrial Park, Dongguan administrative center, Sanya Nanshan sea Guanyin, Shaanxi Huangdi mausoleum, etc

the company has undertaken stone supply for hundreds of five-star hotel projects, including Shangri La, Grand Hyatt, intercontinental, four seasons sea, which can be divided into non-metallic material testing and metal material testing sons, Ritz Carlton, Sheraton Sheraton, etc

the stone supply project undertaken by the company has won many architectural decoration awards, such as "Chen Weihong, Cheng Luban Award of China Construction Engineering Group", National Architectural Engineering Decoration Award, Great Wall Cup, Magnolia cup, etc

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