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Shenzhen: carry out the review of waste classification. In October, the official punishment was issued. Date: Source: Shenzhen evening news. On September 27, Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of urban management and comprehensive law enforcement launched the "review" of waste classification. Once caused by domestic garbage 6 Yinlong garden, which has been issued the first rectification notice since the implementation of the waste classification management regulations, supported Lystem's data sharing system, and the rectification effect is good. From the several communities rechecked by the "look back" action that day, the rectification of the original unqualified communities was generally satisfactory. It is reported that from September 1 to 27, the city issued 6935 rectification notices

on September 1, the day the regulations were implemented, the urban management and law enforcement officers issued the city's first notice of rectification in Yinlong garden, Qingshuihe street, Luohu District. According to hutieqing, a law enforcement officer of Qingshuihe Street who benefited from the acceleration of urbanization, there were problems in the community at that time, such as the large garbage was not cleared and transported in time, the garbage can points were not standardized, and the bucket points were dirty. On the morning of the 27th, law enforcement officers came to the community again to supervise and urge the rectification of waste classification. It can be seen from the garbage classification and centralized delivery point in the community that the garbage cans have been reasonably classified according to the four categories. The large garbage storage points have basically been cleaned in time and then transported. The garbage classification in the community has been significantly improved

Mr. Wang, head of Yinlong Garden Management Office, said that after receiving the rectification notice, the property, on the one hand, went door-to-door to publicize the classification of garbage and distributed leaflets, on the other hand, arranged supervisors to supervise the site at the delivery point. Poor mixing of plastic masterbatch and color masterbatch will also make the color of the product changeable. Large pieces of garbage were cleaned up and transported in time. After a period of time, residents have also formed the habit of waste classification and regular and fixed-point delivery. The environment in the community feels cleaner and more comfortable than before

on September 1, there were only 172 households in DongCui garden who were issued rectification notices by law enforcement officers. The original setting of centralized waste placement points was unreasonable and the site was dirty. Subsequently, the management office set up another centralized garbage placing point at the main access road of the community, which solved the problem of inconvenient placing by residents. According to Liu Jie, the property management office of DongCui garden, the residential domestic waste classification and centralized release point has arranged supervisors for guidance during the release period of kitchen waste. For some residents who are physically inconvenient, the cleaning aunt who is responsible for cleaning will also help with the guidance of waste classification and delivery

according to Zhang Hua of the law enforcement supervision division of the Municipal Bureau of urban management and comprehensive law enforcement, from September 1 to September 25, the city's urban management departments at all levels carried out law enforcement on the classification of domestic waste throughout the city, dispatched 53890 personnel, 12497 vehicles, 26026 inspection sites, 1824 garbage collection and transportation vehicles, 611 garbage treatment enterprises, and issued 6935 rectification notices

Zhang Hua reminded the public that September was a warning period. He criticized and educated those who did not implement waste classification according to the regulations, and issued the notice of rectification order to educate and urge the illegal parties to rectify themselves. From October, he will be formally punished

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