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Shimadzu solutions of the 10th National Conference on Environmental Chemistry (Continued)

august, 2019, Nankai University. More than 8000 delegates gathered in Jinmen to attend the 10th National Conference on environmental chemistry. With the theme of "focusing on pollution prevention and control, leading the new era of Environmental Science", they shared the achievements of environmental science research and explored the road of future environmental protection development

Shimadzu, as a professional analytical instrument manufacturer, closely follows the hot environmental issues, makes continuous innovation in the field of environmental science, carries out in-depth cooperative research with China's top scientific research institutions in the field of environment, and has achieved many excellent research results in various environmental fields, such as environmental atmosphere, water quality, soil and solid waste. At this conference, Shimadzu company brought Shimadzu's new achievements in different environmental fields, including three oral reports, namely, the application of high resolution liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry in pollutant screening and non targeted analysis, the application of full two-dimensional triple quadrupole mass spectrometry in the detection of polychlorinated biphenyls and chlorinated paraffins Application of microscope imaging mass spectrometry in ecotoxicological research nylon and modified nylon products with high temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and high tensile strength also brought ten wall newspaper displays

Dr. Dong Jing of Shimadzu company made a report entitled "Application of microscope imaging mass spectrometry in ecotoxicological research" on the 18th. In her report, she pointed out that imaging mass spectrometry technology is one of the hot technologies in recent years, and has been widely used in the fields of environment, food safety, agriculture and so on. Imscope combines microscope and mass spectrometry. It provides a complete mass spectrometry imaging and detection platform. It can analyze a variety of molecules in plant and animal sections at the same time without labeling and building antibodies. High spatial resolution mass spectrometry images of a variety of substances can be obtained in one experiment, which accurately coincides with the optical images to accurately locate the location of the target compound in the tissue. Imaging mass spectrometry technology provides more reliable and rich data information for the research on the permeation path, enrichment area, action mechanism, metabolic pathway, change process, toxicological evaluation and other related studies of environmental pollutants in animals and plants

The steel ball wear scar diameter has reached the limit value

in addition, Technical experts from Shimadzu Analysis Center published the following ten wall newspapers at the conference:

analysis of trace elements in regenerated flue gas denitration catalyst by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry/analysis of PFAS in water by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography with triple four pole mass spectrometry/Yu Dianbao

spme-gc-ms/ms method to screen odor components in river sludge/shixiaolei

to ensure safe production

ion chromatography detection Ammonia ion in air particle PM2.5/Jifeng

gc-fid-ms monitoring 116 kinds of VOCs in ambient air/Dushijuan

gcms detecting 18 kinds of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in seawater/Wang Yong

icpms-2030 analyzing the content of rare earth elements in soil/Fu Ruifeng

rapid screening

accurate confirmation - Shimadzu LCMS

8060 screening PPCPs in tap water/Jifeng

energy dispersion of inorganic elements in solid wastes X-ray fluorescence analysis/Zhang Min

s Ald-2300 determination of particle size distribution of zinc oxide solid waste powder/liqinglong

pa/pe alloy

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