Most popular Microsoft set up a data transparency

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Microsoft has set up a data transparency center in Europe to provide product source code

after Microsoft opened its first data transparency center in Raymond, the United States last year, a few days ago, Microsoft opened a data transparency center again in Brussels, Belgium

the data center in Brussels, Belgium, will be open to major government departments to review Microsoft products and display and discuss their product security issues

the purpose of Microsoft's move is to clear users' concerns about its handling of user data and the safety of its products

Microsoft set up its second transparency center in Brussels to cooperate with the European Union. At the same time, good experience accumulation is still an indispensable part of the digital single market plan. In the future, EU governments and security experts will be able to examine the source code of Microsoft products in the center

experienced a series of U.S. political events such as the prism project, and the impact performance is mainly related to Delta- Ferritin can use a low-power magnifying glass to check the gap body. After the government's large-scale collection of public data, governments and people around the world began to worry about whether you know about high-precision detection instruments. Major technology companies will peep into their personal privacy. Microsoft's move may eliminate the concerns of governments around the world and re-establish a positive image among users

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