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Meguiar uses the purging recovery system (PRS) to add polystyrene and flexible ethylene to the list of recyclable materials and obtain CE certification for the system

the unique system used to convert large blocks of cleared materials into useful recycled materials can now handle wastes that are "difficult" to handle by traditional methods at any time

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Aston, Pennsylvania, January 5, 2012: Maguire products, Inc. today announced that the company has enhanced its purging recovery system (PRS) for converting large blocks of cleared materials into recycled materials, and has obtained the CE certification required to sell PRs in Europe

prs is a two-stage system: first, cut or plane large stone like removal materials into small fragments, and then grind these fragments into uniform and fine high-quality recycled materials. Meikui will focus on the activities of all branches in npe2012, maintain a consistent point with the overall deployment of the association, promote the new functions of PRs, and provide data to show that the system can quickly recover the investment cost by recycling waste materials (booth 5963)

in the past, when we needed to change the product or color, the filter material for cleaning the screw usually had to be placed on the workshop floor first to harden it, and finally pulled to the landfill for treatment. B. Patrick (PAT) Smith, vice president of marketing and sales of meguire, pointed out that the PRS system was the best equipment specially designed for the heavy work of crushing large pieces of cleaning material into fragments

although PRS has been used for normal force (f); The rack and weight of the experimental machine give the scavenger of many widely used polymers through the bar, but the new reinforcement design extends its application to the field of flexible ethylene and shear sensitive polymers (such as polystyrene). Flexible ethylene will stretch when cutting with shear blades, which may jam the commonly used crushers, and the shear sensitive polymers will be melted by the friction heat accumulated on the standard equipment. This design improvement recycles 85 shore a ethylene materials, such as those commonly used in cables

smith said, "injection mold makers who perform multiple color changes are currently using PRS systems, which can consistently recover the removal at a rate of 125 pounds per hour or 1000 pounds [455 kg] per eight hour shift. If the polymer value is $1 per pound, it only takes 30 shifts to recover the cost of PRS. This process consumes very little energy (an average of 7.5 KWH) Because PRS uses three small motors with a total horsepower of 11, while the motor size required for a standard heavy crusher is 100 horsepower or higher. "

streaming videos demonstrating the functions and operation modes of the system are posted on the company's website

low cost PRS can undertake tasks that pose great risks to expensive crushers

heavy crushers usually sell at prices ranging from $100000 to $200000, while the PRS price provided by mequoise is only about $30000

smith said, "since ten pounds [4.5 kg] of hard plastic blocks may damage the rotors of conventional crushers, so far, the types of recycled scavengers are very limited. Over time, thousands of dollars worth of large scavengers will accumulate into waste every year."

purging recovery system utilizes the simple principle of woodworking plane. The system consists of a table divided into two horizontal planes and a scavenger enclosure, which will move back and forth on the table after the system is started. The planer is installed on the separation point between the two planes. In fact, it is a rotor with a wrong knife and rotates 1750 revolutions per minute. Each time it passes through the airtight chamber, the rotor plane will scrape a sheet (0.5 inch or 13 mm) from the bottom of the removal and push these sheets into the hopper of the compact crusher under the table. As the material is planed away from the block, the air pressure driven pressure plate in the enclosure can keep the cleared material in contact with the cutter

the enhanced function of the design can now efficiently recover flexible ethylene and polystyrene, including the adjustment of the following items: 1) the configuration test opportunity composed of eight rotary knives has the function of processing data; 2) Clearance around planing; And 3) the included angle between the cleared object and the plane

meguire Products Co., Ltd., headquartered in Aston, Pennsylvania, is the world's largest supplier of gravity metering mixers and liquid pigment pumps. In addition, it also manufactures feeding systems, dryers, screw feeders, and related equipment and software. The company's customers include injection molding, blow molding, transfer molding, extrusion processing, mixing manufacturers, etc. Meguire was founded in 1977 and has six manufacturing plants in Aston. The company has an agent sales network in the Americas and other regions, and has three sales and after-sales service subsidiaries, which are responsible for the procurement, sales and after-sales service of auxiliary equipment systems produced by makir and its Novatec, Inc.: makir Canada, makir Europe and makir Asia. Company website:

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