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Microsoft provides the most comprehensive cloud service in the industry

Microsoft has released several enhancements of azure, the cloud should avoid hollow floor applications and industry cooperation if installed on the floor, and the market that can enable start-ups to easily contact enterprise customers

ctiforum on October 22 (Li Wenjie): in an event held in San Francisco on Monday, Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft Corp., outlined Microsoft's diversified market needs such as plastic film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry. How to use Microsoft azure, office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics to provide the most comprehensive cloud services for companies, industries and regions in the industry. In order to further promote this commitment, Microsoft announced that its super large-scale enterprise class hybrid cloud platform, including the new azure G-Series virtual machine and premium storage, has been strengthened in a variety of ways; Officially launched Microsoft cloud platform system supported by Dell (Microsoft C is equipped with precision oil filter; the system pressure is controlled by overflow valve; the whole system is designed according to the principles of energy saving and simple layout); Cooperate with cloudera Inc. and coreos; And launched a new azure marketplace

NADELLA said: enterprises today and in the future need a stable, scalable and flexible cloud platform. Since more than 80% of fortune companies use Microsoft's cloud services, we will provide the most comprehensive cloud services for companies, industries and regions in the industry

ultra large scale, enterprise level, hybrid cloud infrastructure

the global demand for cloud computing continues to accelerate, and Microsoft has made relevant investments to meet this demand. The company announced on Monday that it has achieved the latest milestone in the global expansion of azure, and will officially launch azure in Australia next week. By the end of 2014, Microsoft azure will be running in 19 regions around the world, which is at least twice the number of any other public cloud provider

Microsoft has also released G-Series virtual machines and premium storage for Microsoft azure. G series is supported by the latest Intel Xeon processor, which will become the largest virtual machine in the public cloud field by far. At the same time, azure premium storage will enable each virtual machine to achieve excellent performance. Together, they will provide the enterprise scale and performance required by enterprises and developers to run the most demanding workloads in the cloud

as enterprises accelerate the adoption of cloud computing, the demand for security enhanced, scalable and reliable hybrid cloud solutions has increased. Microsoft cloud platform system (CPS) supported by Dell combines azure, windows server and Microsoft system center to provide a box cloud consistent with azure. Relying on Dell's pre integrated hardware and Microsoft's software, CPS provides customers and partners with azure related knowledge by managing indoor applications. CPS will be available on November 3

enterprise + start-ups and independent software developers (ISVs) = accelerate cloud adoption and innovation

since more than 40% of azure's revenue comes from start-ups and independent software developers, the new azure marketplace connects this important ecosystem with enterprise customers anywhere. At present, azure customers can search and deploy their favorite operating systems, services or applications with just a few clicks of the mouse. On Monday, two new partners joined the azure marketplace with docker Inc., Oracle and hundreds of other companies:

cloudera, the leader of enterprise analysis and data management, will obtain azure certification by the end of 2014. This will provide a quick and easy way to deploy cloudera enterprise in a few minutes, contact Microsoft power Bi and discover new insights

the popular and container based Linux operating system coreos is currently launched for all azure customers who should not have the phenomenon of peeling and scattering. From Monday, customers can deploy coreos images directly from azure marketplace. This extends Microsoft's first-class support for Linux on azure

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president of Microsoft cloud and enterprise, said: our ecosystem is the pillar of the cloud platform, and the source code development technology we use is the core. By helping to build an open platform based on selectivity and flexibility, we enable current and future enterprises and developers to connect with each other and create new business opportunities in a mobile first and cloud first environment

founded in 1975, Microsoft has become a global leader in software, services, devices and solutions, committed to helping people and enterprises realize their full potential

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