Most popular method to judge printer failure based

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According to the printed sample to judge the printer failure method

first, the printing color is light 1, the amount of toner is insufficient. You can take out the toner drum and shake it for a few times, and then put it in for 5-5 00kn printing. It should be able to print some. The thorough solution is to add powder or replace the toner drum

2. The toner does not match, and the melting point of the toner is high. For example, if the toner of hp2612a is installed on the hp436a, the color of the printed sample will be light, and some waste toner will remain on the fuser. This is because the new machine introduced by HP in recent years has lowered the temperature of the heating component of the machine. Because the melting point of those toners in the past is relatively high, when used in these machines, the temperature of the heating component is not high enough. In this way, only a part of the carbon is dissolved and fixed on the paper, and another part is left on the fixing film. The printed sample will naturally fade, and the fixing film will be easily damaged after a certain period of time because of the residual waste powder. It is recommended to use matching toner

3, OPC aging, insufficient powder. Replace OPC

4. The magnetic stick is aging and the powder absorption is insufficient. Replace the magnetic stick

5. The powder discharging knife is not installed properly. It will cause insufficient powder output. Adjust the position of the powder discharging knife

6. The blackness of toner is not enough. The blackness value of toner from some manufacturers is low, and the blackness printed is not enough. Replace other toners with good blackness

7. The laser is aging or the diamond mirror of maldives tourism service industry is not clean. Increase the laser beam, or pay attention to the following matters: change the laser and clean the diamond mirror

II. Bottom ash

1. The charging stick is damaged or unclean, which makes the OPC insufficient in charging and discharging. Replace the charging stick, or clean the contact point between the charging stick and the charging, and do not let the contact point contain waste powder

2. If the toner is damp or poor in quality, replace the toner with a better quality

3. If the cleaning scraper is aged or deformed, replace the cleaning scraper

III. the printing paper is completely black

1. There is a problem with the high-pressure board of the machine

2. The charging stick cannot discharge. Replace the charging stick and clean the charging contact point

IV. print white paper

1. There is no powder in the selenium drum. Add toner, or replace the toner cartridge

2. The mechanical shutter of the laser is not opened. Check the part that opens the laser shutter

3. The laser is broken. Replace the laser

4. The seal of the new selenium drum is not pulled. Pull the seal completely open

v. ghosting, ghosting

1. OPC has quality problems, replace OPC

2. The charging stick discharges poorly. Clean the contact point of charging

VI. powder leakage

1. The particles of carbon powder are uneven, and small particles of powder fly out. Replace the brand toner

2. The powder discharging knife is deformed and aging. Replace the powder knife

3. The waste powder bin is full

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