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Microsoft azure has launched a number of new AI development tools, which are more convenient for cloud deployment and management.

Microsoft recently announced the new progress of the AI development platform. Based on azure machine learning services, it has extended more new specific analysis and exclusion services, including the new development tool Visual Studio code tools for AI, and the development awareness service that recognizes the direction of specialization and innovation. Developers are also provided on IOS, Android and windows platforms, Build a number of AI applications, and also launch AI enterprise solutions

Microsoft recently introduced a series of new products with more than 25000 enterprises and partners at the 2017 Microsoft ignite global developer conference. Joseph sirosh, vice president of Microsoft, said on the official blog of azure that AI has become one of the most destructive forces behind enterprise digital transformation, and announced the new progress of AI development platforms

in order to make it easier for every enterprise and developer to use AI technology and help enterprises increase productivity in different ways, this new development is based on azure machine learning (AML) and extends more new services, including the new development tool visual studio code tools for AI, as well as cognitive services, which also provide developers. On IOS, Andro can expect ID and windows platforms, Build a number of AI applications, and also launch AI enterprise solutions

Microsoft also announced the progress of the next generation of azure machine learning services. In AML workbench, AML experiment, AML model management services and other services, a number of new functions and tools are available to developers

aml working platform is a cross platform application that provides developers with AI technology to process data and experiment management. AML experiment service is to assist data scientists to increase experiments using big data and GPU. AML model management service is a tool that provides developers with the ability to control the version, manage, and monitor machine learning models

developers can execute the AML working platform under the operating system of windows and MAC. The AML working platform is the control panel of the deployment cycle. For developers, it is an environment suitable for starting to develop machine learning models. It can support python, pyspark and Scala, which is convenient for developers and data scientists to build machine learning models. In addition, the AML working platform also integrates Jupiter notebooks and visual studio code Pycharm's integrated development environment

in particular, Microsoft has also established a data wrangling function driven by AI technology on the AML working platform. The system will learn examples and automatically generate data conversion programs. The results of Microsoft's measured data processing show that this function can significantly reduce the time for data scientists to convert data

aml experiment service because of the use of cloud services, enterprises become more flexible when testing machine learning technology. Enterprises can use do plastic processing industry 1. We must be inspired, firm confidence, and work hard. The cker container can run machine learning experiments on local servers or azure, and can also be run on azure hdinsight, a service that Microsoft deploys and manages Apache Hadoop cloud clusters

this tool also supports most deep learning frameworks, such as cntk, tensorflow, caffe2, pytorch and chainer. In addition, GIT repository is also used to track storage and management models, environmental configurations and parameters, and provide records and processes of data scientists' management experiments

aml model management service allows developers and data scientists to deploy and manage trained models locally, on devices, or in large-scale cloud clusters. Models can be centralized in docker containers and deployed to road edge devices, so that models can be closer to the data generation environment to analyze data in real time

in addition, AML is also integrated with Excel. Millions of users around the world mainly use Excel as a data analysis tool. Microsoft also announced that excel users can now have AI technology. Every enterprise can use AML to build models according to their own needs, and then deploy these models into cloud functions

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