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Mecano helps northeast manufacturing industry

on September 5, the five-day eighth China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo came to an end in Shenyang. Mecano components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. presented its various automation products at the Expo, and high-quality products added wings to improve the automation level of northeast manufacturing industry

the three northeastern provinces are China's old industrial bases, with developed industries, such as transportation, military industry, boiler smelting, machine tools, machinery, pharmacy, shipbuilding and other manufacturing industries. At present, the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast China is entering a climax, and the industrial economy in Northeast China is in full swing

in this context, In order to improve the automation level of Northeast China, mecano components (Shanghai) At this Manufacturing Expo, the company displayed a wide exchange platform between government, industry and capital, including rotary coding switches, chip coding switches, microswitches, sliding switches, micro data input devices and other electrical switches, PCBs. Direct welding, spring plug-in, DIN rail type terminals, special probes for circuit boards and other terminals, instrument cases, motors, connectors and other automation products, The precision and precision of the products have won the appreciation of users in Northeast China. The brand of mecano components has entered the heart of the steel core often used in the replacement plastic steel doors and windows of many enterprises and audiences in a short time. At the same time, mecano has also received many orders. In fact, both companies and enterprises in Northeast China need to reduce the usage by 25% by 2025. Now, it is a win-win situation, and has become an enterprise model for improving the automation level in Northeast China

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