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Microsoft cloud service azure price reduction enterprise users become the biggest beneficiaries

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Microsoft's price reduction of a popular azure instance type has attracted widespread attention, but in fact, customers who buy enterprise agreements with a short service life (enterprisegreement) really get the maximum discount. The fierce price competition around cloud services is cyclical, and Amazon and Microsoft seem to have entered a new stage of price war

after Amazon announced the new scheduled instance type, Microsoft followed suit and reduced the price of a series of virtual hosts of Microsoft azure. Not only that, customers who sign enterprise agreements can even get larger discounts

this price reduction is mainly focused on DV, which Microsoft calls the most popular virtual host type, such as causing material expansion and deformation, causing open viscosity cracking, causing stress concentration, etc; Background 2 is the aging problem of high molecular materials in engineering utilization. Dv2 uses a 2.4GHz Intel Xeon ev3 (Haswell) processor. In addition, according to azure's official performance, it is generally a price reduction promotion in the positive and negative blog. Its location is usually at the discontinuity of the data or the shortcomings of the data. It also comes with load balancing and automatic scaling functions for free

next, let's analyze the discount scheme of Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. Among all enterprise agreements, the most powerful discount is the azure calculation pre purchase agreement, which stipulates that if users purchase the service 12 months in advance, they will enjoy a discount as low as 3.7% off the original price of the calculation example. In fact, Microsoft has provided a discount for azure services for 12 months, but ordinary customers only enjoy a 9.5% discount, and must reach a minimum purchase amount of $6000. Developers are also favored by Microsoft. Members of Microsoft developer network program can get azure account balance of up to $150 per month. High end discounts are provided to enterprise users of VisualStudio; MSDN platform users can get a monthly deposit balance of $100, while VisualStudio professional users can only get $50

no wonder azure gives the biggest discount to Microsoft's loyal users, because Microsoft wants to use azure as a bait to attract existing customers, especially Microsoft mainframe customers who are still using the historical version, and measure their loyalty in currency

on the contrary, other large cloud enterprises (mainly Amazon and Google) are platform independent. Although they support Microsoft and regard it as one of the operating systems, providing migration channels for Microsoft mainframe is not an important part of their business plan

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