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Microsoft integrates LinkedIn to launch office 365 resume assistant to help you

feel hard about your resume but want to change your job? Then you may need the help of R sum assistant. Microsoft released the news of resume assistant last November, and now it is open to all subscribers of office 365, which can improve the speed and accuracy of conditioning and quickly produce killer resumes in combination with LinkedIn resources

after Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2015, the resume assistant embedded in word is one of the achievements. The advantage of the resume assistant supplemented by artificial intelligence is that as long as users choose the industry and the position they want to apply for, the resume assistant will search LinkedIn resources, match personal files that match users' needs, and let users know which words to use to describe themselves, which can be closer to the industry

reference examples can help users express their experiences in a more effective way. Microsoft said that with personal files on LinkedIn as resume references, they can show their expertise in the strongest way. The resume assistant will also provide users with the skills and majors required by the positions in the industry, and help users really mention the key points in the resume

the function of the resume assistant is not only that, but also shows potential job opportunities for users in word. Famous users on the list of Shanghai Dongsheng new materials Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Program, can apply directly on LinkedIn, or open candidates function, and the resume assistant will low-key notify the position recruiters, and users are highly interested in this work

users can turn on the resume assistant by clicking options in the "file" of the toolbar and "show LinkedIn features in my office applications" in the "general" tab

the function of resume assistant can only be used in specific areas and the display language is English. The development history, prospect plan and achievements in recent years of the plastic new material industry in the town can be fully understood in winod. The windows control panel can be found. The resume assistant's open areas are Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South America and the United States

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