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On September 23, 2015, at the 8th China US internet forum held in Washington state, the United States, Microsoft, Ziguang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ziguang Co., Ltd.) and Beijing 21vianet Broadband Data Center Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 21vianet) jointly announced that, Based on Windows azure and office 365 cloud services operated by 21vianet in China based on Microsoft technology, customized hybrid cloud solutions and related services no longer exist to provide Chinese customers, especially state-owned enterprise customers, with leading technology, reliable operation, and poor performance tailored to customer needs

Ralph haupter, senior vice president of Microsoft and chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China, said: Ziguang and 21vianet established a joint venture to customize cloud computing solutions to meet the needs of domestic customers, which is an important milestone in the development of Microsoft's public cloud technology in China. With Ziguang's rich experience and resources in serving state-owned enterprise customers for a long time as the interface, the secure, reliable, compliant and data non outbound cloud infrastructure of 21vianet operation as the solid guarantee, and in combination with Microsoft's latest technologies in the fields of hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and application, office 365 efficient office and collaborative cooperation, the three parties will cooperate vigorously, Build an international cloud computing solution platform that is most suitable for Chinese customers, especially state-owned enterprise customers, and contribute to accelerating the implementation of the made in China 2025 plan in all industries

Chen Sheng, founder, chairman and CEO of 21vianet, said: since the launch of Microsoft cloud services in China, our cooperation with Microsoft has started smoothly and developed rapidly. Cloud services based on Microsoft technology have been widely recognized by domestic customers, and have achieved unexpected growth. The cooperation with Ziguang will further expand our business channels and prospects. Facing the high standards and strict requirements of state-owned enterprise customers for business operation, 21vianet will continue to increase investment, with a professional team of more than 400 people, 7*24 round the clock services and a first-class operation and maintenance management system to ensure that our cloud services are worry free

zhaoweiguo, chairman of Ziguang Co., Ltd., said: I am glad to work with 21vianet to jointly expand the domestic cloud computing market based on Microsoft public cloud technology. Ziguang has rich experience and resources in serving domestic industry customers, especially state-owned enterprise customers. In the Internet + era, customers' business scenarios and needs are changing. We keep pace with the times. Based on cloud computing and big data technology, we promote the innovation and transformation of enterprise business by providing three levels of cloud services (cloud computing infrastructure construction services, cloud computing industry application solution services and cloud computing platform services). Combined with the operation services of Microsoft technology and 21vianet, we will jointly create customized cloud solutions that not only meet the business needs of customers, but also fully comply with information security protection and relevant regulations. 1. Mechanical performance test of steel flash butt welding joint includes tensile test and zigzag test

according to the cooperation agreement, Microsoft will provide technical training and support related to windows azure and office 365 cloud services for the joint venture; 21vianet is responsible for the basic guarantee of the operation of these two public cloud services in China; Ziguang will give full play to its channel advantage of in-depth understanding of the needs of customers in various industries in China, and take the joint venture established by Ziguang and 21vianet as the main body to create a hybrid cloud solution that fully meets the business needs and complies with the relevant provisions of information security for domestic customers, especially state-owned enterprise customers. The three party cooperation mainly involves the following contents:

Ziguang shares and 21vianet jointly set up a new company, which is committed to the further promotion and sales of windows azure and office 365 cloud services operated by 21vianet in China

the three parties will jointly promote the joint venture to become a research and development and sales platform for relevant cloud service solutions, and strive to make it a third-party platform that meets the national information security requirements and ensures the core interests of national information security

the joint venture will promote specific types of customers, sell windows azure and office 365 cloud services operated by 21vianet to customers as partners, and earnestly strive to improve and ensure the utilization of cloud services

Microsoft will provide relevant technical and sales support to the joint venture, including providing technical training on Windows azure and office 365, and assigning experts to provide support and sales guidance for the conversion of pre-sales and after-sales technology to imported finished products

in addition, the three parties will actively seek opportunities for cooperation in cloud application development, cloud service security certification and review, and further promote the wide application of windows azure and office 365 services operated by 21vianet in China

windows azure and office 365 cloud services operated by 21vianet were officially used in China in March and April 2014, and achieved rapid business growth in just one year. Among them, windows azure has increased by 3.5 times, and has more than 50000 customers, covering a wide range of different industries. The business of office 365 increased by 1.5 times, and the number of customers exceeded 35000. The joint venture will develop customized solutions and services for different industries on Windows azure and office 365 operated by 21vianet, and state-owned enterprises will be the first key customer group of the new company

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