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Analysis of China's import and export of new energy vehicles in the first half of 2017

in the first half of 2017, China's automobile import and export increased by 30%, and the situation faced has improved significantly. There are new features such as why the structural adjustment testing machine is damaged, the pace is accelerated, and the new is as heat-resistant, chemical resistant, thermal shock resistant as ceramic 1. The old kinetic energy is continuously converted. Among them, the import and export performance of new energy vehicles is also strong, especially the import performance of Tesla and other imports. China's pure electric exports are also strong, and the export of new energy vehicles is also a good opportunity. After all, our conventional vehicle exports are terrible, hovering at a trough for many years, and rebounding from the bottom this year. New energy vehicles are a new opportunity for export breakthroughs

I. Analysis of new energy vehicle imports in the first half of 2017

1. Analysis of vehicle import structure in the first half of 2017

the number of vehicles imported in June reached 590000, of which 11668 were new energy vehicles, accounting for 2% of the total imports, and 2.5% in June. The import performance of new energy vehicles is strong. In 2017, 16350 ordinary hybrid vehicles were imported, which was higher than that of pure electric vehicles, that is, the proportion of imported vehicles of Guangyi new energy such as hybrid and pure electric vehicles reached about 5%, which was also far higher than the proportion of 3% of new energy vehicles that we expected to implement in 18 years

2. Characteristics of imported models in the first half of the year

the imported models in the first half of the year are mainly new energy passenger vehicles, with 1450 plug-in hybrid vehicles and 10215 pure electric vehicles, all of which are good performances

from the perspective of average price, the average price of new energy vehicles is 75000 US dollars, which is similar to the import price of Tesla, indicating that it is the main body. The import of passenger cars is only 3, which is meaningless

3. Analysis of import sources of imported new energy vehicles

the average price of imported new energy vehicles in June was $48400 per unit, and 2400 pure electric passenger vehicles were imported in June, with an average price of $80000. It is estimated that they are basically Tesla products, which will bring great benefits to the United States

although the passenger cars imported in June were imported from India, the price of new energy passenger cars was high, reaching US $230000

the imported unit price of ordinary mixed passenger cars is not too high, which is also a good product choice

4. Import characteristics of imported new energy vehicles

when importing new energy vehicles into the Chinese market, its market status should be carefully observed and interpreted by Chinese market researchers and consumers, so that Chinese enterprises and consumers can know the changes in the market and the Chinese dynamics of foreign enterprises. At the same time, we have observed the dynamics of its foreign market, which can better achieve the breakthrough of self-reliance and self-improvement of Chinese cars and achieve better development

II. Analysis of new energy vehicle exports in the first half of 2017

1. Characteristics of new energy vehicle export growth rate

in the first half of 2017, the export trend of new energy vehicles was strong, with 23907 new energy vehicles exported per month, most of which were pure electric vehicles. There are also 372 plug-in hybrid models. However, in contrast to the import, the export of ordinary hybrid is only 45, which is still in the number in June, and all contact points have different speed and extremely high results

2. Export structure of new energy vehicles

the products exported to new energy vehicles are quite different. The main force of new energy vehicles is pure electric unlisted passenger vehicles, accounting for about 99% of the total, followed by pure electric truck exports, which is also the main model of export volume. The export of new energy passenger cars reached 74 in the first half of the year, including 72 pure electric vehicles

the average export price of new energy vehicles in general is low. The average price of some unlisted pure electric models is about 1000 US dollars, and the number reaches nearly 10000 units sold every month Level of limit protection. The export of pure electric buses seems to be of high grade, reaching an average price of 200000 US dollars, but the quantity is too small

target market analysis of export models in March and June

the export of new energy passenger vehicles in June 2017 was mainly in Bangladesh, South Korea, the United States, India and other markets, and some export unit prices less than 4 digits would be better not to write them down. As the overall unit price is $1642, the grade is not very high

the main markets of new energy passenger cars in June are 5 in the Netherlands, 10 in South Korea and 3 in Israel. Although the overall quantity is small, it is also a relatively expensive unit price of 200000 US dollars

4. The export of new energy vehicles has great potential

although the average unit price of new energy vehicles we export is not high at present, its quantity and scale have reached a certain scale. We should feel inspired and opportunity. Looking at the global market, Chinese intelligent manufacturers have achieved quite fruitful results: in the Indian market, the representative of emerging markets, Chinese manufacturers account for more than 50% of the market share, and Indian domestic manufacturers are all squeezed out of the top five; In the African market, China ranks first, with a market share exceeding Samsung; China is sought after by local consumers in the Southeast Asian market with a fairly localized approach; In Northeast Europe and Western Europe, the market share of China's leading brands exceeded 15% and 10% respectively. Although the current electric vehicles are entry-level and low-cost, with the improvement of our product technology, the entry-level products will be better and better, while the product improvement of traditional fuel vehicles is slow. Therefore, we see the export of new energy vehicles in China. We should see opportunities from the problems, improve our technology and slightly raise the price, so that the speed of fuel vehicles turning to intelligent electric vehicles is faster

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