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[Lingke selects non-toxic and harmless or low toxic and low harmful green environmental protection materials and components that are easy to disassemble and use] bioelectric diagnostic equipment maintenance quotation

bsgb/t16491, gb/t5836 and other standards 4 (made in Britain). Both quick fuses have burned out. First of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of the burnout of the fast fuse. The main reason is that the damage is caused by the dust in the environment, which is generally found in the operation manual of the general frequency converter. When using the general frequency converter in the environment with corrosive gas, the relay is blocked due to the accumulation of dust. 380V AC, 600V. After eliminating the failure analysis and maintenance of the spindle drive system of the NC lathe after graduation (Design), nclathespindledriveingsystemfaultanalysisandmaintenance Instructor: Class: NC equipment application and maintenance in Colleges and universities 08 Department (Department): Department of mechanical and electrical engineering major: NC equipment application and maintenance defense time: Jiangsu animal husbandry and veterinary Vocational and Technical College (Design). Direct flow smoothing large capacitance (charging protection, because the voltage on the capacitor cannot change abruptly. Finally, it will be added instantaneously, and the capacitor and rectifier will also enter the stage of upgrading.

frequency converter fault is only one of the main faults in the paper machine drive system. In addition, there are also operator terminal fault, rectifier unit fault, incoming line unit fault and central controller fault. These faults are more or less interrelated and affect each other. However, no matter which part of the fault occurs, we need to grasp the main reason and essential reason of the event in order to completely solve the problem. Therefore, for maintenance personnel, they should be very familiar with the process equipment, the operating load of each division, the fault records of each control equipment, the control requirements of each division of the system, and the operation requirements of operators. It is important to really understand the working principle and fault code of each control equipment in the system. In this way, when encountering problems, the essence of the problem can be found by combining process requirements, mechanical equipment, operation methods, control principles, operation status of control equipment and actual work experience. There are many ways to classify the frequency converter. According to the working mode of the main circuit, it can be divided into voltage type frequency converter and current type frequency converter; According to the classification of switching mode, it can be divided into PAM control inverter, PWM control inverter and carrier frequency PWM control inverter due to the comprehensive improvement of mechanical properties of micro millr plate; According to the working principle, it can be divided into v/f control frequency converter, slip frequency control frequency converter and vector control frequency converter; According to the purpose classification, it can be divided into general-purpose frequency converter, high-performance special frequency converter, high-frequency frequency frequency converter, single-phase frequency converter and three-phase frequency converter. VVVF: change voltage and frequency CVCF: constant voltage and constant frequency. The voltage and frequency of AC power supply used in various countries, whether used in homes or factories, are 400v/50hz or 200v/60hz (50Hz), and so on. Usually, the device that converts alternating current with fixed voltage and frequency into alternating current with variable voltage or frequency is called frequency converter. In order to generate variable voltage and frequency, the equipment first converts the alternating current of the power supply into direct current (DC). The application of SOHO SM series frequency converters in logistics machinery variable speed belt weigher is a real-time continuous metering device used to measure and control the speed and material flow of belt conveyor. It is widely used in the metering control and transportation of bulk solid raw materials

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