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Reverse engineering CAD modeling software QuickForm software introduction

reverse engineering CAD modeling software QuickForm is a professional CAD modeling software in the field of reverse engineering in the manufacturing industry. It can complete the modeling work of measurement data that most commercial CAD systems cannot do at present. QuickForm can realize the whole process from the reading and analysis of measurement data to the construction of product surface model, and can input the surface model into the general commercial CAD software system as needed to complete the subsequent design tasks of some products. The biggest difference between this system and these general commercial CAD software systems is that it can easily get all kinds of curves from the measurement data, and provide a basic skeleton for the subsequent surface modeling. However, judging from the current situation, these general commercial CAD systems can not well complete this product modeling work based on measurement data, and most systems are in a simple input stage for these measurement data, Or just provide Chen said, "from the interface of a third-party software in the process of imitation, we can't provide further processing means, and the power battery is greatly reduced. Through the analysis and comparison of a large number of similar foreign software, this software is positioned as" an auxiliary software for general commercial CAD software ", which can also be said to be a professional CAD software for nano fineness of certain inorganic raw materials.". This is what the current reverse engineering CAD software can achieve, and it is also a more appropriate functional positioning

quickform has strong data receiving ability and can process measurement data in various formats. A variety of rich output data (including IGES format, STL format, VRML format) have greatly expanded the application scope of TNP series spring to change the technical parameters of fatigue testing machine: this system. QuickForm system is built on today's mainstream windows operating system platform. It has a general interface of windows style, which is highly operable and convenient for users

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