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Grape fruit quick-frozen fresh-keeping technology

grape quick-frozen fresh-keeping has a long storage period, no preservatives, convenient and hygienic to eat, can be supplied every year, and is not limited by varieties. Grapes with different flavors can be quick-frozen. The process is as follows: raw materials - sorting - cleaning, draining - disinfection, washing, draining - threshing - color protection, draining, cooling - quick freezing - Packaging - inspection, frozen storage

. First, the selection of raw materials for finishing is fully mature, and the soluble solids reach more than 14.5%. The fruit ears are tight, and the visit and order are all going on happily. The dense, fresh, disease-free grapes are removed, and the softened grains, green grains and impurities are removed. Wash the grape ears repeatedly with tap water for 5 ~ 6 times, and then drain the water

. II. Disinfection soak the washed and drained grape ears completely in 1:250 84 disinfectant or 0.05% potassium permanganate solution for 4-5 minutes, and then rinse them with self-contained water for 4-5 times to remove the drained water

. III. threshing and color protection, gently remove the fruit by hand, requiring the fruit to be free from stem and strain, and further remove the unqualified fruit. Soak the picked grape seeds in 1% sodium chloride plus 0.1% citric acid solution for 4 ~ 5 minutes to protect the color. Then drain the water and quickly cool it to 0 ~ 5 ℃

. IV. quick freezing adopts fluidization freezing device to freeze, so that grape fruit particles can be suspended and frozen without adhesion to each other. The cold air temperature is generally -35 ~ -40 ℃, the air weight between frozen products is 1333 kg, and the speed is 1.5 ~ 5 meters per second. The fruit can be frozen to -18 ℃ in 5 ~ 10 minutes, and the freezing quality is good

v. package at a temperature below -5 ℃ to avoid recrystallization of grape seeds. As quick-frozen grapes are ready to eat food with strict hygiene requirements, ultraviolet sterilization should be applied in the packaging room one hour before packaging, all tools, work clothes, etc. should be disinfected, and the workplace and staff must strictly implement food hygiene standards

source: Zhendong Jielin, Binhai County, Jiangsu Province

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