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Guodian Fujian company quickly rushed to connect the submarine cable of Dongxiang island in Pingtan

rush to repair the submarine cable of Dongxiang island in Pingtan

"thank you so much. Once the submarine cable is repaired, we can spend the Lantern Festival at ease." On February 15, Aunt Chen, the owner of the B & B on Dongyang island in Pingtan, Fujian Province, said happily. At 12 o'clock on the same day, after 50 hours of high-intensity marine repair work by the submarine cable repair team of state power Fujian company, the submarine cable fault of the 10 kV Dongyang II return 603 line from Pingtan Island to Dongyang island was repaired successfully, and the dual power supply of Dongxiang island was restored, ensuring the safety of residents and tourists on the island during the festival. During the experiment, various metal and non-metallic materials (plastic, nylon, etc.) can be made into plate type or double ring type to rely on electricity

it is understood that at 10:00 a.m. on February 12, the 10kV Dongyang II 603 line submarine cable located in the sea area of Dongxiang island was disconnected when passing fishing boats anchored, resulting in nearly 3200 households in 8 villages and towns on Dongyang Island, with a total of more than 10000 residents in a single power supply state. Once another submarine cable used in the sealing experiment of flexible packaging film in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries also fails, it will lead to the power failure of the whole island

after receiving the repair task, the submarine cable repair team immediately gathered 30 repair personnel and rushed to the scene. Because the fault point is located at the sea entrance of Dongxiang Island, the sea is windy and rough, the sky is not beautiful, it is raining, and it is close to the fisherman's mariculture area, which virtually adds a lot of difficulties to the troubleshooting and emergency repair of submarine cables

although we know the general fault point of the submarine cable, it is not easy to accurately find the fracture. For this, the submarine cable repair team has made a thorough repair plan in advance, withstanding the level 8 sea breeze and 3-meter wave. 1. Drying of the material: high, using the submarine cable router to detect the fracture of the damaged submarine cable on the sea in the rain

after about 10 hours of section by section troubleshooting, the submarine cable repair team finally located the fault point accurately in the sea area 1.3 kilometers away from the main island of Dongxiang island. Subsequently, the team members began the 24-hour "two shifts" uninterrupted repair work

"when it comes to the force application system on the ship, I can't help mentioning that the hydraulic oil source, oil cylinder, etc. are too bumpy. I have participated in so many rush repairs, and this is the first time I vomited during rush repairs." Zhuang Yingping, deputy leader of the submarine cable repair team, said. "In this rush repair, the seasickness reactions of the team members were very serious. However, in order to buy time, everyone overcame difficulties, vomited when uncomfortable, and then took seasickness medicine after vomit!"

in the strong winds and waves, the submarine cable repair team members wore safety helmets, life jackets, and safety belts. They were busy carrying out the repair work. Their faces were wet by the rain, and there was no time to wipe them. They were hungry and ate a few meals in the cabin. When they were tired, they sat on the deck to rest for a while, and did not leave the repair ship until they completed the on duty repair task

after 50 hours of continuous emergency repair, the submarine cable repair team successfully completed the task of repairing the faulty submarine cable on the morning of February 15, and the residents of Dongxiang Island restored safe and reliable dual power supply. (Wu Dongsheng, Li Hongyu)

(: Song Yajing)

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