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The underground power transformation and distribution equipment of the national power Expo enterprise pavilion is in place

the electrical equipment installer of the substation checks the internal facilities of the distribution switchgear after it is in place

on August 18, the switchgear in the distribution device room of the 110kV Mengzi substation underground of the national power enterprise pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo was installed in place according to the planned time node, laying the foundation for the subsequent insulation bus connection and equipment commissioning work to start smoothly. The new switchgear used in Mengzi substation has outstanding advantages, especially that it can be used continuously under high temperature and can maintain stable performance in the environment with sharp temperature changes. It has the advantages of good performance, small volume, and can also purchase multiple sets of equipment at the same time to produce good environmental protection performance, which embodies the development direction of "two types and three new" in the design of national electric substation

the 110 kV Mengzi substation electrical equipment of the national power enterprise pavilion mainly includes 3 main transformers with a capacity of 40 MVA and 59 switchgear, as well as the installation of low-voltage feeder cabinet, DC panel, fire integrated control panel, fire emergency power supply, reactive power compensation device, ground source heat pump system, etc. The distribution device installed in place on the 18th adopts the is switchgear after the C-G international financial crisis, which is the "nerve center" of the substation connecting the main transformer and outgoing line. The switch cabinet adopts vacuum switch and sulfur hexafluoride gas insulation, which has the advantages of safer, better insulation performance and smaller volume than the previous switch cabinet using air insulation. The bottom surface of each main transformer switch cabinet, section switch cabinet and isolation switch cabinet is 0.6 × 1.35 square meters, and the bottom surface of other switchgear is 0.8 × 1.35 square meters, saving 1/3 of the floor area compared with ordinary switchgear. In addition, the switch cabinet adopts optical fiber instead of cable to transmit relay protection signal, which effectively reduces the carbon dioxide emission and power loss of the switch cabinet

according to the construction plan, the installation of all electrical equipment in the underground substation of the national power enterprise hall will be completed on October 25 and power will be delivered on December 25. Shanghai Jiulong power group, the general contractor of the national power enterprise pavilion project, has further supplemented and updated the electrical installation plan according to the actual progress of relevant disciplines on site, striving to achieve fine organization and scientific management, and doing its best to overcome ② The fixture with a small experimental force has practical difficulties such as tight construction period, heavy tasks, and many cross operations, so as to ensure the completion of the electrical equipment installation project on schedule

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