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The national power simulation center achieved four world firsts

the "national power simulation center construction" project undertaken by the China Electric Power Research Institute of the State Power Corporation passed the acceptance in Beijing on April 25. With its four initiatives in the field of electrical technology in the world, the center was unanimously rated by the acceptance expert group headed by Lu Yanchang, vice chairman of the China Association for science and technology and senior consultant of the Chinese company, including a number of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences as "the comprehensive test capability has reached the leading level of similar laboratories in the world", which can meet the needs of China's ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage electrical simulation test research

with the construction of national UHV backbone power, China will build the largest and most complex power in the world, forming a rare pattern of high-capacity AC and DC parallel operation, multiple DC drop points of local power at the receiving end, and multi terminal DC transmission. Many of the key technologies have no precedent to follow, and need to be simulated and tested urgently

the national electric simulation center laid the foundation in the northern suburbs of Beijing in October 2006, and was completed and put into operation in the first half of 2008, with a total construction area of 61000 square meters. In the history of world power development, for the first time, it has fully realized the physical dynamic simulation of UHV transmission system, the physical dynamic simulation of controllable shunt reactor, the physical dynamic simulation of controllable series compensation, and the development of special electronic voltage and current transformers for dynamic simulation system. It occupies a leading position in the world in the level of electrical simulation technology

the China electric power academy said that it would rely on the advanced facilities of the center to deepen the research on the operation and control mechanism of large-scale complex electricity, verify the simulation models and parameters under various operation modes of electricity, uniformly manage and verify the parameters and operation parameters of electrical equipment at all levels, and carry out in-depth planning and safe and stable operation technology research of UHV large-scale electricity and large-scale AC/DC transmission systems, Provide strong technical support for UHV construction

the center adopts the mode of construction and experimental research at the same time. Due to the new design and the thinning research of packaging wall thickness, it has carried out a series of ultra-high voltage and cross regional electrical technology research, and obtained technical innovation 23.5.3. There are 7 non ferromagnetic materials such as silver, cadmium, chromium, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zinc, including 8 patents, 12 patents and 8 software copyrights. At present, the center has been upgraded to a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries. The national development and Reform Commission has officially named it the 120mm room of the National Engineering Experiment of power system simulation

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