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Guodian plans to build four UHV transmission lines

a few days ago, the relevant person in charge of national household appliances said that the power demand in central and eastern China is mainly affected by seasonal and structural factors, mainly due to the bottleneck of railway transportation capacity. Affected by this, the coal storage enterprise of national direct power supply plant has become the first qualified coal licensed factory in southern China, and its inventory continues to decline. The experimental machine has multiple safety protection functions, such as limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop protection, etc

only the sensor can be replaced

and in this emergency of central China, the first operating Shanxi Changzhi Jingmen UHV has played an important role. At present, Guodian has planned four other UHV transmission projects to convert coal into electricity and transport it from the northwest to the Middle East

the four UHV projects in the national power planning are called two vertical and two horizontal transmission lines, with the East vertical from Inner Mongolia to Nanjing and the West vertical from Shaanxi to Hunan; Nan Heng from Ya'an, Sichuan to Shanghai; North horizontal from Mengxi to Weifang, Shandong. This can increase the foaming degree by 60%, and the total investment of the four lines is expected to be about 120-150 billion yuan

the data shows that the dynamic investment of the first line project is 5.736 billion yuan, and the localization rate of project construction reaches 90%. A person from the relevant department of national UHV technology said that many key equipment purchases of this UHV line come from China, and the purchase funds are about half of the dynamic investment. According to this calculation, these four UHV may drive equipment procurement of 60billion-75billion yuan

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