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On October 18, the leaders of the customer service center of State Grid Corporation of China investigated in Nanjing to speed up the construction of the southern transition base, observed the construction situation on the spot, and discussed relevant matters. The principal of Jiangsu company attended the Symposium and delivered a speech. Relevant leaders in charge of Jiangsu company accompanied the investigation throughout the process

the sense of the main person in charge of the customer service center of the state-owned company has also won the new business of many OEM manufacturers. Thanks Jiangsu company for its strong support in the construction of the south base of the customer service center of the state-owned company, and speaks highly of the construction of the customer service center of Jiangsu company. He said that Jiangsu company took the lead in building a provincial centralized 95598 power supply call center service platform in the system through the construction of three sets and five major projects, withstood the test of high traffic in summer and winter, and provided advanced experience for Chinese companies in staff training, backstage support, knowledge base construction, etc. The prices of power batteries and four major materials will also fluctuate greatly. He said that the customer service centers are scattered from the provincial level to the national level, covering a wide range of areas, and there is no ready-made experience to follow. The Party group of Chinese companies is also highly concerned, which is under great pressure. It is hoped that Jiangsu company will continue to give care and support, and the two sides will continue to strengthen communication and docking in terms of transition base, business system, customer file data information, support platform, personnel training, etc., so as to ensure the listing and operation on schedule by the end of 2012

the main person in charge of Jiangsu company said that 95598 power supply service is a new business in its hometown. The construction of a centralized customer service center within the national system is an important part of the deepening reform and development of the national company and a major innovation in optimizing and integrating the customer service model. Our company has placed the south base of service center GB 12955 (9) 1 in Nanjing, which is our full trust in Jiangsu company. Jiangsu company resolutely follows the requirements of the leaders of the headquarters, and goes all out to do a good job in the construction of the southern transition base project and related service guarantee work, so as to ensure the sound and rapid realization. Therefore, at present, the best-selling fixture industry is the construction goal of manual fixtures. At the same time, he suggested that the top-level design of the preparation and cooperation parties should be deep, the process control should be detailed, the new requirements of economic and social development for power services should be actively adapted, the service connotation should continue to be innovated, the advanced experience of call centers in developed countries should be absorbed and used for reference, and the customer service center should be built into a world-class call center

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