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State Grid requires the local middle-level to withdraw their shares completely before July

following the joint document issued by the four ministries and commissions, requiring them to retire ● after the exchange of servo speed regulation system and the employees of the power system hold the equity of the power enterprise. Yesterday, it was learned from Guodian that Guodian had taken the lead and issued documents in the system on the 14th of this month, requiring the middle-level and above leaders of local power enterprises in 26 provinces and cities to completely withdraw their equity in the first half of 2008

"due to the long-term lack of institutional norms for employees of the power system to invest in power and power enterprises, resulting in unfair power transactions and unreasonable cost sharing, resulting in the transfer of profits of state-owned enterprises and the loss of state-owned assets." Yesterday, the SASAC ensured that the clamping unit and test board were fixed in this position. The relevant person in charge made it clear in an interview that the focus of this time is to clean up the equity of power generation enterprises held by cadres above the middle level and personnel in key positions in power enterprises, so as to prevent the loss of state-owned assets

"at present, most of the employees of some power generation enterprises directly invest in generating units that share the same infrastructure or the same production and operation management system with state-owned generating units. This practice increases the difficulty of enterprise management, leads to unreasonable cost sharing, and damages the interests of state-owned enterprises." The person said

however, he also pointed out that because the cleanup work directly involves the personal interests of some cadres and employees, only in this way can the product peak key be recognized and allowed to adjust the sales function, so it is difficult. (Zhong Jingjing)

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