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On April, the National Accreditation Commission for conformity assessment of China organized an expert group to conduct a three-day "two in one" re evaluation and expanded evaluation of laboratory accreditation and qualification of the National Metrology Center. Based on the principles of objectivity and impartiality, and in accordance with the requirements of cnas-cl01:2006 "standards for the accreditation of testing and calibration laboratories" and "standards for the accreditation and evaluation of inspection and testing institutions", the evaluation team investigated the environmental conditions and equipment allocation of the laboratory, checked the instrument and equipment archives, personnel archives and testing/calibration reports, and passed on-site tests, on-site questions The management system and technical ability of the laboratory were comprehensively assessed and reviewed by means of discussion

the experts of the evaluation team spoke highly of the quality management work of the National Metrology Center, and believed that the laboratory management system was perfect, the operation was normal and continued to be effective, and the personnel, experimental environment facilities and instruments and equipment could meet the working needs of the useful application laboratory machine with the maximum level of detection/calibration, and met the requirements of standards and specifications. They agreed that the National Metrology Center should pass the laboratory accreditation Qualification accreditation attachments: stretch MLM attachments review and expansion review

through this review, the quality management system of the National Metrology Center has been further improved, and the field of detection and calibration has been further expanded. If the loose detection ability is found to be effectively improved in the test inspection, it will provide a more solid technology for the quality control of power measurement products. Attention should also be paid to environmental protection when selecting flame-retardant materials

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