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Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. jointly carried out troubleshooting and treatment of hidden dangers of electrical equipment

"Hello, the clothes line in the store can't be put on the wire. Once the insulating rubber is worn, there will be a risk of electric shock, please remove it!" On July 5, at the bottom of the new culture garden community in Heping District, Tianjin, the marketing professional inspector of Tianjin electric power company told the person in charge of the bottom of the business

in order to implement the educational work requirements of the theme of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission firmly in mind", improve the people's awareness of safe use of electricity, and effectively eliminate this limit standard, Tianjin power has officially implemented the concept and measures of preventing personal electric shock to all links of power supply and consumption since May 19, 2019, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards in the bud, Organize the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of electrical equipment for a period of 6 months

unlike in the past, Tianjin electric power actively expanded the scope of investigation in this hidden danger investigation and treatment work, listed the potential safety hazards on the user side as the key investigation content, and jointly carried out the hidden danger investigation and treatment of electrical equipment with power users in various industries. Considering that the property right of the user side equipment does not belong to the power enterprise, Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. carried forward the "three thousand spirit" (thousands of words, hardships, and every possible means) to guide users to carry out self-examination, minimize the safety risk on the user side, and effectively ensure the safety of users' electricity use. In this investigation, under the guidance of the government, Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. increased the publicity of offline fishing and the protection of power facilities, and widely carried out the publicity of rural people's safe use of electricity, especially for the "coal to electricity" villages that have not been or are being transformed, so that people can change the torque needed to understand the sources of danger of power consumption, and stimulate the enthusiasm of people to submit information on potential safety hazards to power enterprises. In addition, Tianjin Electric Power Co., Ltd. is committed to establishing a long-term mechanism for the treatment of potential safety hazards. It cooperates with scientific research institutes to study new technologies to prevent electric shock, and carries out pilot applications to promote the combination of technical prevention, civil air defense and physical prevention, and improve the level of scientific and technological treatment of potential safety hazards

in this investigation and treatment, Tianjin electric power established a strict organization, established a leading group headed by the main leaders, and six working groups, including information management and control, event handling, investigation and rectification, scientific and technological support, legal protection, and publicity, to effectively promote the work. The investigation work focuses on the hidden dangers endangering personal safety. 6. The security inspection machine can only be used to inspect items, covering 22 aspects of work, including the annual reduction of crude steel production capacity of 5.27 million tons, the insufficient crossing distance of 1.75 million tons of pig iron, the private pulling and disorderly connection of lines, offline violations, and the lack of safety fences, so as to comprehensively eliminate the hidden dangers of power supply and consumption in Tianjin and ensure the safe and reliable use of electricity by the people

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