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Talking about the maintenance and management of mining equipment

it can be said that mining machinery and equipment are the soul of mining enterprises. Without the support of these machinery and equipment, mining enterprises cannot operate normally. With the continuous progress of mechanical equipment in technology and automation, enterprises have higher and higher requirements for the maintenance and protection of mechanical equipment. In order to maintain the normal operation of mechanical equipment, correct and appropriate maintenance is essential. This paper aims to analyze the causes of DNW (2) 000 fault of mining equipment and take corresponding solutions

1. Causes of mining machinery failure

first, the maintenance and management system of machinery is not perfect. Although there are more scientific management systems, many staff do not carry out scientific management according to these systems, and the implementation ability of the system is weak. The mechanical equipment is still in the situation of improper maintenance and management, resulting in poor working condition and low safety of the machinery. In addition, many enterprises cannot realize the importance of machinery management, which leads to work accidents and many unnecessary economic losses

secondly, the maintenance technology is backward. The maintenance management of many enterprises is still in the stage of backward technology, and advanced maintenance technology can not be used correctly and reasonably. At present, the structure of mechanical equipment is mostly very complex and precise, and it is difficult to find mechanical faults. In addition, the maintenance equipment of enterprises is relatively backward, so it is difficult to eliminate mechanical faults. In addition, the staff of many enterprises have not received good machinery management and maintenance training, and lack of understanding of relevant knowledge when purchasing machinery, so the application of accessories in maintenance is unreasonable

finally, the concept of maintenance personnel. The low salary of maintenance workers in many enterprises makes them less motivated to work. At the same time, the maintenance workers' cultural level is low, the working consciousness of management and maintenance is not strong, and in addition, the personnel flow in this post is frequent, so they cannot actively understand the root cause of mechanical failure. In addition, many maintenance personnel lack the ability to operate, and most of them cause mechanical damage due to improper operation

2. Maintenance of mining machinery and equipment

the focus of mechanical maintenance and repair should be on the prevention of mechanical failure. The wear and tear of machinery should be analyzed according to the structure of machinery, and the maintenance of machinery should be strengthened. Regular and special maintenance of machinery can be carried out through the correct management system, and timely correction should be made before the failure occurs. The daily maintenance of mining machinery mostly refers to the maintenance carried out by the staff during the work shift. Generally, the content of daily maintenance is not much, mostly concentrated on the outside of the machinery, mainly for the important and vulnerable mechanical parts. The daily maintenance is very important. Through daily maintenance, check the clutch, braking, safety facilities and other important mechanisms of the machinery to ensure its normal operation. In addition, check whether the devices with the current sharp decline in iron ore prices have looseness, damage and other abnormalities, and deal with the abnormalities in a timely manner

3. Maintenance management of mining machinery and equipment

3.1 innovative maintenance management system

innovative maintenance management system is the soul of equipment maintenance. Through innovative maintenance management system, we can do a good job in the management of all stages to achieve comprehensive maintenance management. The comprehensive maintenance management system can be divided into the following points:

(1) post repair. After the event repair refers to the repair work for mechanical failure on the premise of failure prevention

(2) preventive maintenance. The maintenance of equipment should focus on preventive maintenance, strengthen the daily maintenance and inspection of mechanical equipment, do a good job of regular inspection, find and deal with problems in time

(3) maintenance and prevention. At this stage, it is required to improve the reliability of equipment from the perspective of mechanical equipment design and manufacturing, and reduce the failure rate of equipment from the perspective of mechanical manufacturing and production according to the maintenance principles of equipment

(4) comprehensive management of equipment. On the basis of doing a good job in the maintenance and care of mechanical equipment, we should also strengthen the formation of the staff's concept of comprehensive management of equipment from the perspective of science and theory, so as to realize the comprehensive and unified management of mining machinery and equipment

3.2 improve maintenance technology and facilities

in order to ensure the good working condition of mining machinery and equipment, it is necessary to unify and coordinate the equipment and technical information of the enterprise, do regular inspection and maintenance, use advanced remote sensing equipment to establish a central control room, and carry out remote diagnosis and maintenance of faults. In addition, we can also introduce advanced detection instruments to quickly and accurately find out the fault location and the cause of the problem through advanced detection technology. In this way, we can also find the problem before the mechanical accident, design and formulate the correct maintenance plan, reduce the situation of blind maintenance, and shorten the maintenance time. Therefore, according to the situation of the enterprise itself, the reasonable introduction of advanced maintenance technology and maintenance equipment and facilities can greatly improve the maintenance efficiency of mining machinery and equipment and increase production efficiency

3.3 strengthen the training of maintenance personnel

enterprises should adhere to the principle of people-oriented, improve their living standards by maintaining the wages of maintenance personnel, mobilize the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel and enhance their sense of work. Only the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel can be improved, Our maintenance method is to install the glass fiber fabric reinforced plastic plate sample or short cut fiber reinforced plastic sample on the fixture of the experimental machine, so that the management system can be well implemented. On the basis of the above, regular maintenance training should be carried out for maintenance personnel. The training work should be oriented according to the actual situation of maintenance personnel, and comprehensive training should be carried out for the practical ability and theoretical knowledge of maintenance personnel, so that they can more comprehensively master the maintenance knowledge of mining machinery and equipment, and improve their ability to diagnose and quickly solve faults

3.4 strengthen the routine inspection and repair of equipment

routine inspection and repair of equipment is the guarantee for the smooth progress of daily work and must be strictly implemented. Enterprises should group 4. The molding temperature of polyphenylene oxide is 280 ℃ (3) 30 ℃. Weaving technicians and relevant management personnel formulate point inspection guidance and systems as the executive standard through a series of assessment work. According to the personnel situation, a three shift system is formulated, and spot check workers are arranged in the day shift, middle shift and night shift to be responsible for operation, spot check, maintenance and auxiliary work respectively; Formulate strict operation standards and quantify the operation contents of each point and item; During operation, according to the equipment structure, draw the circuit diagram for the spot inspection and maintenance work according to a certain sequence, and pay attention to the task completion of each operation point

4. Conclusion

to sum up, each mining enterprise should list the maintenance of mechanical equipment as an important work item, invest a corresponding amount of production costs, strengthen the operation standard management of staff, improve equipment maintenance and repair work, so as to increase the service life of equipment, ensure the normal operation of equipment, and then improve the production and work efficiency of mining enterprises

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