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State Grid, China's largest utility, has launched negotiations on investing in American power generation company AES, according to people familiar with the matter. The deal may mark the first time that national power has entered the U.S. energy industry

some Chinese utility companies, including Guodian, have been making large-scale acquisitions overseas, seizing the opportunity of western asset sales during the global economic downturn. State power and Three Gorges recently made a large investment to acquire the 1.2 air source: assets of Portuguese power sold by the cash strapped Portuguese government, highlighting the increasing firepower of Chinese state-owned enterprises. State Grid acquired 25% of the equity of Portugal's state grid operator

according to an insider, Guodian is considering acquiring part of the equity of AES power generation business, so as to change the moving speed of the beam; Including its wind power assets in the United States

AES owns and operates wind power around the world, solar power generation and traditional power generation assets that reduce the water content of materials to less than 0.03%

however, the person familiar with the matter said that although the negotiations were ongoing, a deal might not be reached

AES, which is on the fortune 200 list, focuses on expanding in regions where it believes it has a competitive advantage (such as the United States, Chile and Brazil), and it may withdraw from markets in other regions

yesterday, AES announced that it had sold two of its companies, one is red oak, a combined cycle gas turbine power plant in New Jersey, and the other is Ironwood power plant in Pennsylvania, with a total price of $463million

AES also said that one of its Spanish power plants had been sold by GDF Suez. It said the proceeds could be used to repay debts, invest in new businesses or buy back shares

AES, headquartered in Virginia, USA, is a global energy company that has been doing business in China for more than 10 years. China Investment Corporation (CIC), China's sovereign wealth fund, holds 15% of its shares

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AES once negotiated with CIC on the latter's investment in the former's wind power business, but the negotiation did not go smoothly, and then AES turned to negotiate with Guodian

three years ago, CIC also signed a letter of intent to acquire 35% of the equity of AES wind power business at a price of US $2.2 billion to achieve its own expansion

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