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Under the wave of new infrastructure, Baidu and other technology companies are becoming major participants in the intelligent upgrading of the energy industry

on June 15, Guodian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guodian") held a press conference and cloud signing ceremony for the key construction tasks of digital new infrastructure, released the ten key construction tasks of digital new infrastructure to all sectors of society, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei and other partners

Guodian and Baidu will work together to comply with the general trend of the integration of the energy revolution and the digital revolution, accelerate the application of artificial intelligence, IOT, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, cooperate in the construction of energy interconnection, new technology, new industry, standard system construction and talent training, and jointly promote the construction of internationally leading energy interconnection enterprises with Chinese characteristics. The conclusion of this strategic cooperation marks that Baidu will work with leading enterprises in the power and energy industry to jointly accelerate the pace of smart energy new infrastructure

on June 15, Guodian signed a strategic cooperation agreement on digital new infrastructure with partners such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Huawei

the ten key construction tasks of digital new infrastructure released by Guodian include electric digital platform, energy big data center, power big data application, power IOT 6, oil gun, energy industry cloud, intelligent energy integrated services, 5g application of energy interconnection, electric artificial intelligence application Energy blockchain application, power Beidou application and other projects. The total investment in 2020 is about 24.7 billion yuan, and it is expected to stimulate social investment of about 100billion yuan

Mao Weiming, chairman and Secretary of the Party group of Guodian, Xin Baoan, general manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party group of Guodian, relevant heads of the national headquarters, Wang Haifeng, chief technology officer of Baidu, and Yang Zhaoming, deputy general manager of Baidu AI Cloud attended the signing ceremony

Wang Haifeng said that AI is an important driving force for the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform. The deep integration with cloud computing, big data, 5g and other technologies will drive the intelligent transformation and upgrading of the energy industry faster and better. National power wants to build an internationally leading energy interconnection enterprise with Chinese characteristics, which is highly matched with Baidu's strategy. At present, Baidu's artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in national power. Baidu is willing to continue to add double digital display test equipment, which has become the mainstream equipment. It has made strategic cooperation with Guodian to jointly promote the intelligent process of China's energy industry

the new AI technology infrastructure represented by Baidu brain, propeller, intelligent cloud, chip, data center, etc. is helping the intelligent upgrading of all walks of life. In the field of smart energy, based on Baidu AI Cloud, Guodian Shandong electric power company quickly built its own AI platform to realize intelligent applications. For example, build a visual platform for transmission channels to easily realize the safety inspection under various complex outdoor scenes, "said Li Pengjun, director of Haier New Materials Marketing Department, which provides a reliable guarantee for the safe and stable operation of transmission lines; AI face recognition is applied to realize the functions of hall entry recognition, face brushing and power handling, and improve the user experience and the benefits of the power business hall through precision marketing

at present, Baidu AI Cloud enterprise AI midrange and knowledge midrange are applied to head customers such as Guodian and Nanfang power, supporting more than 20 business scenarios such as UAV patrol, face brushing and power handling, and integrated energy. Xinjiang electric power will work with Baidu AI Cloud to build an artificial intelligence platform to help enterprises have the ability and resources of AI development, application and intensive management, and promote the in-depth application of artificial intelligence in the electromechanical power conversion industry of power banks

at present, Guodian has become the bridgehead of new digital infrastructure. The cooperation with Baidu will set off a new infrastructure boom in the field of smart energy and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of China's economy

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