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On January 10, Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. learned that in 2018, in accordance with the unified deployment of the power substitution work of national household appliances Co., Ltd., the company took "coal to electricity" as a breakthrough, promoted 22 power substitution technologies in 7 major fields, including construction, industry, agriculture, and completed 754 power substitution projects throughout the year, It has greatly changed the energy supply mode of several generations in Liaoning, and played an important role in reducing coal combustion, effectively reducing the concentration of PM2.5 and improving the air quality in Liaoning

Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. takes "strengthening the foundation, adding O-ring fixtures, fixtures used in the tire industry, innovation driven, adjusting measures to local conditions, and taking the initiative" as the main line, reorganizes and improves the provincial, municipal, and county-level electric energy substitution management system, and carries out the provincial electric energy substitution survey for the widely used alternative technologies and typical projects in five major fields, such as residential electric heating and industrial production, The special research report on "building a low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system to promote clean electricity development" was prepared and completed

at the same time, Liaoning electric power selected a typical case, and through the economic operation analysis and calculation of "coal to electricity", it has successively organized and carried out the pull-up investigation of coal-fired, oil-fired and gas-fired boilers with 35 steam tons and below in the province and the investigation of the current situation of school energy consumption, and on this basis, it has prepared the "analysis report on the current situation and expansion strategy of Liaoning electric heating market" and the "work plan for increasing supply and expanding sales"; Actively cooperate with government departments to promote "coal to electricity", make use of various channels to make suggestions to governments at all levels and price departments, do everything possible to reduce the household electricity price of all kinds of electric heating customers, promote the implementation of the peak valley time of use electricity price policy for residential electric heating customers, and actively seek solutions. Five demonstration projects, including the "coal to electricity" project of Liaoning building, were selected into the typical case base of electric energy substitution of national power corporation. Guoliao provides customized solutions for customers. Ningdian power completed 1220 "coal to electricity" projects throughout the year, an increase of 633 projects year-on-year, and added 300million kwh of alternative electricity for heating

in addition, Liaoning Electric Power Co., Ltd. has also comprehensively launched the replacement of electric energy in the field of household life, innovating and carrying out interactive marketing. The company has formulated a plan for deepening the theme activity of "connecting thousands of households to share electrification" in 2018. Through the National Mall, power supply business hall and township power supply stations, the company has multi-dimensional organized and carried out online and offline promotional activities for household electrification. Throughout the year, it has carried out 54 large-scale theme publicity activities, 73 publicity and reports, 93 home appliance merchants have established a cooperation mechanism, and promoted that the "handheld power" customer transfer switch should be set to the "load" file of 69500 households, It has promoted 131100 "e-bao" customers, 5500 "e-charging" customers, 166100 research households, 681300 home appliances sold, and increased the potential load by 1088500 kW. This has effectively improved residents' awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, cultivated new electricity consumption habits, and achieved increased supply and sales

by the end of 2018, Liaoning electric power had completed 4.837 billion kwh of electricity substitution in the whole year, an increase of 400million kwh year-on-year, and successfully completed the assessment task of 0.3% electricity saving goal of power enterprises assigned by the provincial Commission of industry and information technology; 613 million kwh of electricity was saved, 119.26% of the annual target; 157600 kW of electricity was saved, achieving 196.75% of the annual target

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