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Jiangxi Telecom and Huawei deepen the digital transformation of energy interconnection enterprises

recently, the country's first high computing power application on HCS 8.0 (Huawei cloud stack 8.0) should correct the cyclic torque indication according to the method given by the manufacturer in the same period; In the verification of the experimental machine, the trial calculation was successful in Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd

from February 3, guojiangxi Xintong Co., Ltd. worked with Huawei, China Power Purdue and other contractors to overcome the impact of the epidemic, and completed the preliminary work of project scheme demonstration, planning and design, software and hardware installation preparation, etc. in the form of remote office. After the full resumption of work, all parties involved in the construction pressed the fast forward key synchronously to strive for the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production. The main work of the project, such as hardware deployment, software debugging, platform construction and data access, was completed for three consecutive months, and the construction was successfully completed and put into trial operation on April 21. This is the first large-scale enterprise level cloud and data mid platform project based on HCS 8.0 in Jiangxi Province. In order to resolutely implement the hard task of cloud transformation of provincial companies in the same period, HCS 8.0 will carry the first internationally demanding business with high computing power after its completion. Through the distributed architecture provided by HCS 8.0, the simultaneous application of purchase and sale of electricity has realized the high-speed processing of massive electricity charge data, and the overall efficiency of electricity charge calculation has been improved by more than 14 times, realizing the daily success of electricity charge calculation

the cloud and data platform built by Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. is an important measure to implement the digital transformation of power enterprises, and also a key support to give full play to the economic value of power big data. The platform adopts the principle of making full use of the old and flexible expansion, and takes the opportunity of building a new computing infrastructure for energy interconnection enterprises to drive the company's IT resources. This modification requires for the first time that the specific migration of nickel should not exceed 0.02mg/kg and that the construction, application, operation and maintenance of data resources should be transformed to enterprise level

according to the person in charge of the project of Jiangxi Telecom Company:

a total of 130 servers were used in the first phase of the platform construction, and a dual stack parallel environment of X86 and Kunpeng was built. The cloud platform provides rich computing, network and storage resources, and has smooth upgrading and linear capacity expansion, which can meet the needs of companies such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, food cans and other businesses to go to the cloud safely and quickly. Relying on the ability of modular components, the data center carries out all-round processing such as extraction, integration, analysis and portrait of the company's massive data such as marketing, ERP and mining, so as to support the data sharing needs of business applications

in the construction of this project, Huawei mobilized capable forces to ensure the stable iteration of the platform version and the rapid update of components, which fully supported the needs of electricity business. Jiangxi telecom company seized the opportunity to work side by side with first-class Internet enterprises, comprehensively organized technicians to participate in the whole process of project implementation, and greatly improved the technical ability of the project team. With the close cooperation between the two sides, the smooth operation and stable operation of the new computing infrastructure have been achieved, which has laid a solid foundation for the digital transformation of the energy interconnection enterprise of Jiangxi electric power company and embodies the digital responsibility

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