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On December 25, Guodian appliances Co., Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing to implement the spirit of the general meeting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up and accelerate new breakthroughs in the company's key work of opening-up cooperation. At the meeting, state power released ten measures to deepen reform

On December 25, China home appliance Co., Ltd. held a press conference in Beijing to "implement the spirit of the general meeting to celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, speed up and promote new breakthroughs in the key work of the company's opening-up cooperation". At the meeting, state power released ten measures to deepen reform

Guodian home appliances Co., Ltd. fully understood that they found ten measures for the reform of polyethylene transformation Sinochem

first, introduce social capital into the field of UHVDC projects

Guodian will adhere to the principle of win-win cooperation in accordance with the requirements of state-owned enterprise reform and the needs of power development, and actively introduce social capital such as insurance, large industrial funds, and investment platforms owned by the local government at the sending and receiving end, Invest and operate the new UHV DC project in the form of joint venture to jointly promote the development of electricity and share the achievements of reform

II. Accelerate the implementation of the pilot of incremental distribution reform and achieve results

the state power will resolutely implement the reform deployment of the national development and Reform Commission and the national energy administration, assist local governments to accelerate the completion and operation of the first batch of pilot projects, and accelerate the implementation of the second and third batch of pilot projects; Conscientiously implement the increase in resource demand and provide services, and provide high-quality, fast and efficient services to investors who have obtained the right of distribution and management in accordance with the law; Actively support the capital of CCS to participate in the pilot of incremental power distribution on March 17, 2015, and negotiate the disposal method of stock assets on an equal and friendly basis. Give priority to cooperation with private capital and participate in the competition of pilot projects on an equal footing

III. actively promote the joint-stock reform of trading institutions

the company will, in accordance with the relevant requirements of the national development and Reform Commission, standardize the implementation of the approval procedures for the transfer of state-owned assets, and complete the joint-stock reform of Beijing electric power trading center as soon as possible on the basis of completing the asset evaluation and filing; Actively cooperate with provincial government departments to implement the joint-stock reform implementation plan of provincial power trading institutions, explore new mechanisms for the operation and management of joint-stock power trading institutions, and further improve the operation level and service capacity of trading institutions

IV. strengthen the opening-up and cooperation in the field of comprehensive energy services

State Grid will build a more open, professional and standardized service platform to cooperate with more social capital and professional energy service enterprises. In the field of integrated energy services related projects, the company will actively cooperate with relevant parties of the owner, resource gathering enterprises, financial institutions, etc., establish mixed ownership companies, jointly explore the market, and promote win-win results for all parties

v. vigorously carry out investment cooperation in the field of pumped storage

state power will increase investment liberalization, actively introduce social capital to participate in cooperation, and welcome local capital with strong investment ability and management experience to participate in the construction and operation of power station projects, so as to jointly promote the orderly development of pumped storage projects

VI. continue to promote the overall listing of equipment manufacturing enterprises by Sector

Guodian will further play its leading and leading role in the field of equipment manufacturing, give full play to the platform role of listed companies, actively introduce R & D innovation, production services and other relevant enterprises and social capital, and spare no effort to create core competitive advantages, improve innovation and development capabilities, and promote the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry

VII. Speed up the reform of mixed ownership of electric vehicle companies

through the reform of mixed ownership of electric vehicle companies in China, Guodian will actively introduce industrial investors such as automobile OEMs, travel service providers, transportation and logistics enterprises, and Internet companies, give full play to the role of strategic coordination, tap the value of electric vehicle services, and accelerate the construction of an industrial ecosystem with multi-party participation, openness and sharing, mutual benefit and win-win results, Serve the green travel of electric vehicle users and improve the development quality of the electric vehicle industry

VIII. Carry out the reform of mixed ownership in the information and communication industry

the national information and communication industry group plans to introduce social capital in the fields of smart chips and Beidou location services, study and promote the listing of high-quality assets, make up for the industrial weakness, and further stimulate the innovation ability and development vitality of enterprises

IX. promote the reform of mixed ownership of general aviation business

national general aviation company plans to introduce relevant investors such as international first-class aviation power operation enterprises, domestic and foreign first-class aviation operation enterprises that open the oil return valve for unloading, and carry out mixed ownership reform in the business fields of general aviation operation, live line operation, electric infrastructure construction, etc., promote the transformation of operation system and mechanism, and further improve the service development capacity

X. deepen the reform of mixed ownership of financial business

in order to implement the national policy requirements on financial services to the real economy, the State Grid continued to deepen industry finance coordination, promote production with finance, and vigorously promote the introduction of strategic investors in financial business; Jointly initiate the establishment of industrial investment funds with social investors, give play to the leading role of industrial funds in the development of industrial chains, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the expansion of emerging businesses, the reform of mixed ownership, and actively promote the high-quality development of the real economy

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