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The national power generation equipment lubrication reliability and intelligent diagnosis technology seminar and exchange meeting was held in Guangzhou in June. According to the China Power Equipment Management Association, the 2019 national power generation equipment lubrication reliability and intelligent diagnosis technology seminar and exchange meeting will be held in Guangzhou from June 20 to 21. Leaders of the national energy administration, relevant government departments and power industry associations will be invited to attend this technical exchange seminar, including relevant enterprises under the five major power generation groups and provincial power generation branches, the two major nuclear power group companies, relevant enterprises under the Yangtze Three Gorges Group Company applicable automobile pedal durability testing and testing company, China Resources Power, Guangdong energy group, Beijing energy, Shenneng, zheneng Leaders in charge of power generation enterprises such as SDIC and leaders of production and operation and maintenance departments, equipment management directors of power generation enterprises, chemical engineers, reliability engineers, etc. At the same time, it provides efficient and pragmatic supply and demand docking for Chinese power enterprises, host manufacturers, lubrication testing instrument manufacturers, lubrication device manufacturers, etc. At the same time, the conference held the unveiling ceremony of the equipment lubrication reliability engineering technology center in the power industry

this seminar aims to exchange and discuss the latest technology and management experience of power generation equipment lubrication in recent years. The conference was hosted by China Electric Power Equipment Management Association and organized by Guangzhou Academy of Mechanical Sciences Co., Ltd. The organizer said that equipment lubrication is an important part of equipment operation, maintenance and repair management, and an important means to ensure the normal operation of equipment, reduce wear and tear of parts, reduce kinetic energy consumption, and improve equipment production efficiency. As China's power generation equipment has entered the stage of large-scale, precision and intelligent development, the lubrication reliability management of power generation equipment has become an important starting point for the production management of power generation enterprises

it is reported that China Electrical Equipment Management Association (ceema) is a national first-class Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as cecea) approved by the State Council and registered with the Ministry of civil affairs

"the power transmission and transformation project shall perform the design, construction and operation of environmental protection facilities and the main project at the same time". It's 11 p.m. on June 5 Power supply: 220V, grandma Huang Hongying, 66, who lives in Wenhua Mingcheng community, Yancheng City, answered the question "what is the 'three Simultaneities' system for environmental protection" put forward by the host at Baolong square, which is also a scene of the sixth five year Environmental Day commemoration of Yancheng power supply company

in the afternoon of that day, the "6.5 Environment Day" series of publicity activities of Yancheng power supply company were carried out in a song and dance "Fengming prosperous age" in Baolong city square, Yancheng. In the artistic performance, the concept of electric environmental protection was publicized, the knowledge of electric environmental protection was popularized, and the measures of electric environmental protection were introduced. The activities were interspersed with award-winning Q & A about the wide use of rings in environmental protection in lithium batteries, high-temperature alloys, cemented carbides, magnetic materials and other fields, Senior environmental protection experts were invited to publicize the knowledge of electric environmental protection on site, and the contributions of electric power people to people's production and living electricity and social and economic development were expounded

June 5 is the 48th World Environment Day and the 5th environment day in China. Yancheng power supply company held a series of activities to commemorate the 6th five year environment day, aiming to lead the public to establish the concept of green development, advocate a low-carbon lifestyle, participate in the construction of ecological civilization, jointly build livable electricity, let more people voluntarily and consciously participate in the action of protecting the ecological environment, and strive to be the propagandist, participant and promoter of ecological civilization, And make due contributions to the high-quality development of Yancheng

at the site of the commemoration, Yancheng power supply company carefully prepared performances such as dance, ocarina, Huai song, poetry recitation, magic, acrobatics, etc., and arranged 15 exhibition boards to publicize and display more than 50 questions and answers about electromagnetic fields, which are widely concerned by the public. There are carbon dioxide absorption masks and heat-resistant jackets made of pet aerogel that can be put together with fire extinguishers in high-rise buildings. Professionals received on-site consultation from more than 40 citizens, issued more than 600 consultation manuals, and presented more than 300 environmental protection souvenirs promoting green electricity. Focusing on the development of electricity, energy conservation and emission reduction, construction of key projects, consumption of clean energy, popular science knowledge of electromagnetic environment, etc., the publicity Manual of electric environmental protection and popular science Q & A of electric environmental protection knowledge were printed, and the activity plan was carefully formulated and implemented. More than 200 people from Yancheng power supply system employees and relevant cadres and workers, social personnel and environmental protection volunteers participated in the activity. (fenghualin, Wujiang)

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