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China's annual congress: What's happened so far - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Midway through its annual sessionadditionalEvents, China’s ceremonial parliament is focusing on boosting the economyThe government has promised to ramp up its campaign throug, building self-reliance in technology and further squeezing room for political opposition in Hong Kong.

The weeklong meeting of the National People’s Congress, which rubber stamps policies approved by the Communist Party leadership, provides a window into government priorities.

Growth target

The party set a growth target of “over 6 per cent”, as the world’s second-largest economy shrugs off the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Last yearThe next two weeks of case growth are already, it departed from practice and didn”t set a target because of pandemic-related uncertainty.

The target was lower than the 7per cent to 8 per cent that forecasters expected and seen by some as signalling a shift from quantity to quality growthwe will reach a breaking point very soon., including efforts to expand the green economy:1639076029129,.

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