Xifei system door and window product series

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The complete product series will introduce the characteristics of each product later

the product series of Xifei system doors and windows are diversified


(North) bridge broken aluminum doors and windows

60 series flat open doors and windows

60 series engineering flat open doors and windows

70 series flat open doors and windows

85 series flat open doors and windows

110 series

106 series flat open doors and windows

(South) Bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows

60 series casement windows

60 series engineering casement windows

100 series casement windows

118 series casement windows

128 series casement windows

150 series casement windows

South sliding windows

80-72/92 series sliding windows

92-72/90 series sliding windows

<126-72/90 series sliding windows

135-72/90 series sliding window

embedded sliding door

90-72/90 series sliding door

135-83 series sliding door

135-100 series sliding door

135-115 series sliding door

205-83 series sliding door

205-100 series sliding door

205-115 series sliding door

ordinary sliding door

80-72/90 series sliding door

120-83 series sliding door

128-100 series sliding door

148-115 series sliding door

folding door

78 series folding door

80 series bridge broken folding door

80 series folding door (non bridge broken)

sunshine room

80 series sunshine room

100 series sunshine room,

135 series sunshine room

146 series luxury sunshine room

150 series diamond roof sunshine room

190 series electric sunshine room

protective doors and windows

38/52/72 series protective doors and windows

aluminum wood composite doors and windows

72 bridge broken casement windows

72 aluminum wood broken windows bridge swing door

aluminum wood bridge broken, external opening window screen integrated

aluminum wood sliding door





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