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Editor of Topbond doors and windows: Topbond doors and windows is a platform for dealers to grow, cooperate and win-win. It is a customized door and window brand that pays most attention to the growth of dealers

speech of Topbond doors and windows - difficulties and opportunities

it's better to make changes than to be confused in the difficulties

it's better to make money first than to make a small profit

it's better to find a partner than to sell later

the opportunity is unprecedented, and the choice is greater than the effort

a correct choice, Better than years of efforts

Topbond doors and windows change your world

corporate culture

brand vision

enable everyone to use high-quality system doors and windows

brand mission

provide customers with the goods they want at a reasonable and credible price

brand goal

become the leading brand of Internet doors and windows

product advantages

Hardware: German "roto" hardware manufacturer, which has been opened for 100000 times, and the pulley bearing 300kg

glass: Low-E glass, super heat and sound insulation, 30 dB quiet life

sealing strip: anti-aging for more than 20 years, with the same quality sealing strip for automobiles

profile: 2mm aerospace grade magnesium aluminum alloy

surface: from the Netherlands "AkzoNobel", the world's largest paint manufacturer, ranking first in the world in terms of decoration and functionality

Topbond doors and windows has a number of national patents in many aspects such as product appearance, structure, practicality, etc., with a wide range of products and complete series. Including casement window series, anti-theft steel mesh integrated window series, swing door series, heavy sliding door series, heavy lifting sliding door series, folding door series, as well as inclined roof, arc roof and herringbone roof sunshine room

franchise advantages

brand image advantages

Topbond has a complete set of brand image system support, such as brand, VI image and exclusive store SI decoration manual. Provide franchisees with unified VI, store design, decoration standards and terminal image; And provide franchisees with a certain number of promotional videos, product materials and technical materials free of charge

brand consulting advantages

cooperate with the first consulting brand company in the home building materials industry to improve the terminal sales skills to the promotion methods, so as to give comprehensive support to the improvement of dealers' operation ability

profit advantage

continuously assist in market development, comprehensively provide sales skills and promotion planning, support perfect store decoration subsidies and annual sales rebate policies, and more guarantee for franchised dealers

marketing management advantage

Topbond marketing management center, provide franchisees with comprehensive marketing management services, continuously provide marketing plans, and promotional activities guidance, Ensure the improvement of dealers and the doubling of profits

technical support advantages

Topbond has strong technical force guarantee to provide perfect technical support for franchisees. Technicians come to guide installation skills, or provide factory training to ensure that franchisees have no worries. The R & D Department of the company continues to explore the performance and development trend of new products, so as to actively develop new products for the company and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of franchised stores

overall advertising advantages

Topbond provides advertising support for professional media, mass media and Internet media

service advantages

Topbond provides a perfect service system to provide confidence guarantee for franchisees

franchise support

opening guidance and training

the company provides pre business professional training and technical guidance to franchisees to help them quickly master their operation and management methods. Train and guide the technical personnel sent by the franchisee to study

sales support

the company provides the franchisee with product sample corner as the display model of the franchisee's exclusive store to ensure that the display model of the franchisee's exclusive store is complete

advertising support

the company will continue to increase the publicity and advertising investment of the brand, continuously improve the popularity and reputation of the brand, and create a win-win situation between the franchise store and the company

daily operation guidance

daily operation runs through the whole process of the franchise store. Good operation status is the guarantee of profit, and it is also the common goal of the franchise store and the company

communication and promotion support

the company strives for internal exchanges with franchised stores with good business conditions from time to time every year to exchange and learn from each other on successful management methods and marketing experience

it is impossible to go far alone

Topbond doors and windows is a platform designed to provide dealers with growth, cooperation and win-win results. It is a customized door and window brand that pays most attention to the growth of dealers

joining Topbond doors and windows, choice is more important than effort

your success is our greatest achievement

Topbond doors and windows makes your career

the country is in the process of attracting investment. If you want to do it, do it - Tuobang doors and windows

Hubei Topbond curtain wall door and window Technology Co., Ltd.

address: Hubei Huangshi Golden Mountain Haizhou Industrial Park

national investment hotline: 400-626-8889

official wechat: topbon100

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