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People have heard of the word "water and floor heating" for a long time, but most people are still very strange. Because they are strange, they have some misunderstandings about water and floor heating:

misunderstanding 1: is the installation of floor heating very troublesome

in fact, on the contrary, the installation of floor heating is very simple and orderly. Generally, the whole installation cycle of a 100 square meter house can be completed in one day, and the owner does not need to worry extra about cross testing with the decoration company

Myth 2: can you afford floor heating

most middle-income families can afford floor heating. The price of floor heating is calculated according to square meters. For middle-income families, they can choose rooms to install floor heating according to their own needs. For example, families with infants can choose to install separate toilets. When bathing in winter, there is no need to worry about children catching a cold because of sudden cold and heat. The bathroom throughout the winter is as warm as spring, and the cost of installing such a bathroom is about 2000 yuan, Very cost-effective; In the later stage, because the intelligent programmable temperature controller used in the system can completely use the low-temperature insulation function when the bathroom is not used, and it is in a low energy consumption state. The cost of this kind of device is almost the same as that of using Yuba, which is very cost-effective and practical

myth 3: is floor heating similar to air conditioning

there is a great difference between floor heating and air conditioning. At the beginning of the invention of air conditioning, it was used for cooling in summer. Because the cold air is downward, the internal units of air conditioning are all high in the house; In addition, the main temperature regulation mode of air conditioning is air flow, so it is easy to get "air conditioning disease" if you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time. The temperature of the floor heating room is from bottom to top, which is in line with the health concept of warming the feet and cooling the head of the human body. Moreover, the main temperature regulation method of floor heating is floor radiation, which is just like the feeling of sunlight shining on the body in winter. It is very comfortable. Moreover, for the elderly with rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and old cold legs, there is also a physiotherapy style, because its heat surges up from the bottom of their feet, so that the elderly at home will not feel leg pain but also feel very comfortable in their legs and feet throughout the winter

myth 4: is it unsafe to use floor heating

floor heating has been developed for decades abroad. It is a very mature product, and its safety is fully guaranteed. When installed properly, a floor heating system can be used for almost 70 years, almost the same as the life of a house




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