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How to realize "small space and large storage" in the porch and balcony? Here, Margo has a wonderful way to customize her home

in order to expand the storage, we often need to make full use of the space and design the storage according to local conditions, such as improving the utilization rate of small spaces such as porches and balconies. At the same time, we should also be people-oriented and give full consideration to the use habits of residents. So how to achieve "small space and large storage" in the porch and balcony? Here, Margo has a wonderful way to customize her home

I. porch

scheme I

the porch shoe cabinet has the function of a temporary cloakroom, which can temporarily hang clothes, bags, hats, and small items. The shoe cabinet is placed by men and women in different areas. The shoes that are not commonly used are placed on the cabinet. 10 cm is reserved under the shoe cabinet for indoor shoes, which is convenient for daily replacement

scheme II

the porch shoe cabinet is topped with a warm white swing door design, and the overall plane is harmonious and flat. An open storage space is reserved under the shoe cabinet to place common shoes and store shoe changing stools, so as to achieve the purpose of "everything returns to its place" and "each has its place"

scheme III

in addition to the function of setting a temporary cloakroom, the porch cabinet's biggest highlight is the design of a mirror for storage. Closing the cabinet door is a mirror for daily going out and grooming. Opening the cabinet door is a storage space for umbrellas, bags, etc

scheme 4

the porch cabinet reaches the top in one stroke, with an open space reserved in the middle, decorated with green plants and handicrafts, and assisted by warm light to add a sense of warmth. The left side is a semi sheltered open shelf, which can place infrequent bags and clothes

II. Balcony

scheme I

balcony cabinets with different functions are set on both sides of the balcony. The balcony cabinet on the left is placed on the top, and a space is reserved in the middle to design a sink. The upper part on the right is the hanging cabinet for storing things, and the lower part is the storage platform, under which the washing machine and sundry rack are placed

scheme II

the old ceiling, blue and white tiles, and white lattice windows seem to bring a leisurely Mediterranean wind. The left side of the balcony is in the form of upper and lower cabinets, the middle is a storage platform, the upper part of the right side is a storage shelf, and the lower part is placed with a washing machine, which is convenient for daily use

scheme III

in order to coordinate the overall beauty, the balcony cabinet adopts the fully enclosed storage, the wall is on the top, and the swing door design, so that the space is always clean and flat. The classic brown color echoes with the color matching wear-resistant ceramic tiles in milk tea color, which is elegant and full of style

scheme 4

semi open balcony cabinet, with upper and lower hanging cabinets near the door side, a space reserved in the middle to design a sink, an open shelf on the outer side to place detergent and other sundries, and a washing machine embedded at the bottom





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