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Today, let's take you into shuangyumumen Huanggang store to understand how this store broke out against the trend in the market environment

2019, the bottleneck period of the development of the wooden door industry has passed, and it is beginning to face a new stage of upgrading. Then, in the new normal environment of the development of the industry, how can dealers achieve contrarian growth and achieve a leap in performance? Today, let's take you into shuangyumumen Huanggang store to understand how this store broke out against the trend in the market environment

since joining Shuangyu, Mr. Hu Guoan, the person in charge of the store, has actively studied the business thinking of the industry and the professional learning of the overall household building materials industry. Now he has become a senior expert in the industry. For him, the most important thing is that in addition to managing the product itself well, he also needs to strengthen team building. President Hu's twelve character business policy, namely, "cultivate brands, seek talents, build teams, and win the future", Take brand building and team building as the top priority of store construction

1. Credit management shaping brand reputation

credit management shaping bran

shuangyumumen Huanggang store has been treating people with "sincerity", serving attentively, establishing a good store image of honest management, and winning consumers' trust in the store for many years. "When doing business, we should pay attention to the word of integrity. Quality and service are the key points of honesty to the owners. In addition to excellent products, we also need to impress customers in service and let the owners choose double feather doors with confidence."

store product system

2. Team building to create the best service

team building to create the best service

in addition to focusing on the shaping and maintenance of the brand, President Hu also emphasizes the construction of the team, which is fully armed from the professional knowledge of wooden doors, to the service knowledge, to the professional knowledge of home decoration, so as to improve the overall marketing ability and service response level of the team

3. Actively weave the marketing network

actively weave marketing networ

to seize the local market, in addition to brand and team building, it is far from enough, which requires stores to be proactive, accurately store water, find potential customers, maintain new and old customers, and achieve a deal. In addition to the Shuangyu brand activities, President Hu, in combination with the local actual situation, carried out publicity, promotion and marketing, such as human marketing, interpersonal marketing, joint marketing, complementary marketing, team marketing, etc., and quickly seized the market in the local area through various marketing means

4. Manufacturers cooperate to build a win-win channel

win win solution

since Shuangyu "hit the net" in 2016, Shuangyu Mumen Huanggang store has been connected with manufacturers, actively exploring a new retail path of "e-commerce" + "store merchants", cooperating with the online operation of home appliance manufacturers, integrating physical, e-commerce and mobile e-commerce channels, helping stores build sales channels, create fan circles and drive brand communication throughout the whole process, comprehensively and comprehensively, Empowering store development. Taking advantage of the convenience of online and offline experience, the convenience of picking up and installation will help shuangyumumen Huanggang store improve its service quality and level as a whole

there are 1000 business models in 1000 stores, but the successful experience is worth learning from. "There is no industry that does not make money, only people who do not make money". I believe that the success of Huanggang store can bring you some new business ideas




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