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Decoration is a risky thing. Industry insiders believe that such disputes are very difficult to resolve, so we should strangle the risk at the source. When choosing a decoration company, the owner is most concerned about whether the company is a regular enterprise and its strength. In fact, when choosing a decoration company, you can examine the strength of the decoration company from some details. Once problems are found, citizens should promptly complain to the industry and Commerce and industry management departments. Li Qiang, who has been engaged in the family decoration industry for many years, said

in the face of the uneven phenomenon of decoration companies, Li Qiang suggested that when choosing home decoration companies, owners should pay attention to four points and inspect decoration companies in an all-round way

I. business license

a formal company engaged in home decoration must have a business license. Among the main and auxiliary projects of the business license, there must be business projects such as decoration engineering and home decoration. In addition, the annual inspection seal on the license is to prove that the enterprise has passed the annual inspection of the Administration for Industry and commerce this year, which is a legal business

II. Name

according to the different registered capital, the names of decoration companies engaged in home decoration are also different. The most powerful is the decoration engineering company, which is generally registered with the Construction Commission and is the most formal decoration company. The second is companies with the words "limited liability company", which are joint-stock companies with Limited registered capital. If the company goes bankrupt, you will often suffer losses. Finally, there are design companies and decoration companies, which tend to focus on advertising decoration and have little registered capital. They are the companies that need the most detailed investigation

III. office location

in the office of the decoration company, some nuances can show the strength of the company

first of all, the location and area of the office reflect the strength of the company. Often those decoration companies that rent high-end office buildings or occupy separate buildings can provide the best services. The company has more employees and needs more office space, which reflects the strength of the company from one side

whether a decoration company is formal or not is closely related to the soundness of the company's rules and regulations. You will see these rules and regulations on the wall. The most important system is the management system of designers, supervisors and foremen, because these systems directly manage the people who serve you. The second is the management system of materials, construction and acceptance, which is the premise to ensure the quality of the project. In addition, from the design of office space, you can also know a little about the design power and style of the decoration company

IV. model room

before choosing a decoration company, you'd better go to see the model room of this company. Going to the model room is mainly to see the construction quality, not to copy the design ideas, so you should pay special attention to the details

when you enter the door of a decoration company, the designers are often the first to contact you. From the qualifications of designers, we can also see the strength of decoration companies. Because powerful companies can afford to hire good designers




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