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In the current wardrobe Market, the styles and categories of the overall wardrobe are also extremely rich, and various styles and functional products are in full bloom. With the development and reform of the market, consumers' needs and consumption habits for the overall wardrobe are also changing. Therefore, for enterprises, in terms of product research and development or designer customized scheme products, they should closely follow the market development trend and comprehensively consider the needs of light consumer groups in the current year. Wardrobe enterprises should work hard on design! The whole wardrobe brand Deville

the homogenization of products in the wardrobe market is relatively serious

looking at today's furniture stores, wardrobe styles of the same style are almost the same, and ordinary consumers are difficult to identify brands from products. Many enterprises have been shouting for the implementation of differentiation strategy, but the fact is that enterprise designers directly copy the relatively popular products in the market in product research and development, so as to quickly push into the market, and finally be flooded by many "same" wardrobes. Is it true that enterprises lack innovative talents? In fact, in the face of the booming market of popular products, driven by market interests, most enterprises choose to sacrifice product quality to pursue short-term interests, which eventually leads to the problem that products cannot be based on the market for a long time and the elimination rate is high

from the perspective of market, comprehensively design the wardrobe

many people believe that in addition to the marketing personnel who should often contact customers, the designer's job is to concentrate on research and development and design in the office. In fact, such a concept is wrong. Designers' works are not grounded and close to customer needs. No matter how capable marketers are, it is difficult to sell products. Therefore, designers of enterprises often need to go to terminal stores to understand the sales situation of products and customer needs, etc., while store designers need to measure above and summarize more in communication with customers in order to grasp the current consumption mainstream

wardrobe customization is not just about products.

although wardrobe customization can bring many beneficial effects to enterprises, the problems existing in its development process can not be ignored. For example, customized wardrobe has more advantages in storage. However, if enterprises feel that customized wardrobes will make the space more practical, it may not be. Everyone has different living habits. Simply customizing the cabinet may not meet the needs of daily life. Similarly, even without customization, it can be easily used at home. Because what consumers need to customize is not the wardrobe, but the space

insiders said that in the fixed thinking of most wardrobe enterprises, better storage is often equated with customized wardrobe. Especially for small and medium-sized households, the house pattern is too small, so it is more necessary to customize the wardrobe to make full use of the space. Space storage requires cabinets, but many cabinets do not mean easy to use. When considering space design, we should not first consider where and what kind of cabinets are needed, but first know what consumers need? How to store it? In the final analysis, what consumers need is a usable space, not a specific wardrobe product

dealers should remember that customized wardrobe is an industry integrating manufacturing industry and service industry. Therefore, they must abandon the mentality of pure selling in the past and serve customers as a professional provider of customized furniture solutions in order to be favored by the market. Therefore, for wardrobe enterprises, it is good to have an insight into the customized needs of consumers, but more importantly, it is necessary to really understand the internal needs of consumers, rather than simply work on product design

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