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Notice on carrying out the 2019 "ranking of Chinese tire enterprises"

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China Rubber magazine of China Rubber Industry Association has organized the "ranking of Chinese tire enterprises" for three consecutive sessions, which has won great attention from the industry. In order to keep the insiders at home and abroad informed of the development status of China's tire industry, China Rubber magazine of China Rubber Industry Association decided to continue to carry out the 2019 "ranking of China's tire enterprises"

in this activity, the "2019 ranking list of China's tire enterprises" and "2019 ranking list of China's domestic tire enterprises" will be ranked according to the sales revenue data of tire enterprises in 2018, and the "2019 ranking list of tire enterprise patents" will be ranked according to the patent authorization of tire enterprises. In addition, the "2018 best-selling tire brand specifications" will be published

in this year's application form, the enterprise's leading tire brand value and the most popular brand specifications of the enterprise have been added, the database of tire ranking has been enriched, the brand influence of tire enterprises has been enhanced, the enterprise's soft power has been highlighted, and the tire enterprises have been guided to pay attention to the comprehensive construction of soft and hard power

"China tire enterprise ranking" activity does not limit the number of participating enterprises

I. significance and purpose of the activity

it is a common practice of international media to publish industry rankings and publicize advantageous enterprises. China Rubber magazine and China rubber, as the authoritative media of the rubber industry sponsored by China Rubber Industry Association, have shown the real development status of China's tire industry to the world and enhanced the popularity of China's tire brands

as an industry organization, China Rubber Industry Association has an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the development status of China's tire industry. China Rubber magazine will work with relevant experts of the association to accurately grasp the fairness of ranking activities in China, mainly based on H3PO4 iron Li, 3 yuan and cobalt acid Li materials. At the same time, the ranking activities will better serve the development of the tire industry

in the past two years, the tire industry has been frequently merged and reorganized. The activity of "ranking of Chinese tire enterprises" will also become a "barometer" for the development of the industry, reflecting the epitome of the reform and transformation development of the tire industry from another side. A total of 60 tire enterprises participated in the 2018 "China tire enterprise ranking" activity, with a total increase of 3 over the previous year, of which 6 quit due to restructuring and integration and 8 increased. Therefore, the "ranking of Chinese tire enterprises" not only shows the strength of each enterprise to the world, but also makes the world better understand the reform and development status of China's tire industry

II. Ranking principle

1 The activity is based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness, and no fees are charged

2. Enterprises can participate voluntarily, and the sponsor can also obtain data from public channels such as the annual report of the enterprise. The data filled in by the enterprise are not disclosed to the public except for the sales revenue

3. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to China Rubber magazine. No unit or individual may design or develop derivative products of such activities

III. conditions and requirements for enterprises participating in the ranking

1 All state-owned, private and foreign-funded tire production enterprises registered with the industrial and Commercial Department of China and qualified in the annual inspection can voluntarily participate

2. The product categories involved in the ranking activities are truck tires, car tires, light truck tires, engineering machinery tires, agricultural tires, aviation tires and special tires, excluding motorcycle tires and bicycle tires

3. An enterprise can participate in a group company, and the data is the sum of the data of each subsidiary company; Individual companies can also participate

IV. evaluation indicators and methods

1 Participating enterprises in the ranking of Chinese tire enterprises: Chinese domestic tire enterprises (including the joint ventures in which the Chinese side holds the main shares) excluding foreign-funded tire enterprises. This ranking is aimed at the domestic tire enterprises in China, ranking by the total tire sales revenue (including exports) of domestic and overseas factories of domestic tire enterprises in 2018

the system must be preheated for more than 20 minutes List of tire enterprises in China

participating enterprises: all tire manufacturers in Chinese Mainland. This ranking is for all tire enterprises (including foreign-funded enterprises) with factories in Chinese Mainland. It is ranked by the tire sales revenue (including exports) of enterprises in Chinese Mainland in 2018, excluding the sales revenue of overseas factories

v. requirements for application materials

1 Enterprises participating in the ranking shall report various data according to the facts

2. Provide the situation of the invention patent within the valid period of the enterprise for one year, the patent number of the utility model patent and the appearance patent (if it is necessary to verify, then provide the scanning copy of the electronic version of the patent certificate)

3. The enterprise shall truthfully fill in the declaration form and affix its official seal

4. Provide a copy of the business license of the enterprise legal person

VI. ranking procedure

1. application date: May 7 ~ June 30, 2019

2. according to the data declared by the enterprise, China Rubber magazine made statistics and collated, and publicized the statistical results in China rubber () for 10 days in August. Tire enterprises that have objections during the publicity period shall require them to fill in again according to the situation

3. China Rubber magazine and industry experts reviewed the ranking and officially announced it at the magazine's annual meeting in August

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