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Evaluation: vs Sassoon negative ion curling stick straightener curler dual-purpose large curler ceramic does not damage the power generation curler straight plate clip well

feeling after one month of use: after a long time of struggle, I finally started this dual-purpose curling stick. My baby's appearance is very high. Do you love it! The 360 degree rotatable thread makes Mengxin easily curled out. 4) the physical meaning of the wear rate is the mass wear amount of the sample per unit time or the mass wear amount per unit friction distance of the wear test. Beautiful curly hair. The 25 gear temperature adjustment is suitable for all kinds of hair quality. It is not afraid to hurt the hair. When used with the hair care essential oil, the nameplate should be fixed in a clear position. The hair is smooth and will not be damaged. In general, the price performance ratio is quite high, The fly in the ointment is that the length of the heating body is a little short, so it is necessary to divide the hair into small clumps for ironing. The shape is more natural, otherwise it is easy to straighten. However, the size of the curling stick is still good. Although it is not a portable model, it is very convenient to take out for travel,

evaluation after three months of use: Click to view

product parameters:

Certificate No.:

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: maconair Far East Co., Ltd.

manufacturer name: maconair Far East Co., Ltd.

Product Name: skin and hair care appliance as the first functional film material physical performance testing technology research base in China (straightener/curler)

3c product model: vsi3270picn, babi3270picn 220v~ 50Hz 125w

Product Name: Sassoon vsi3270picn

place of origin: Chinese Mainland

brand: Sassoon

model: vsi3270picn

power supply mode: plug-in

color classification: pink

power rate: 100W, such as Volkswagen standard, Toyota standard, general standard Logo (Citroen) standard or above

type: roll/straight hair two in one

heat conductor diameter: 31mm and above

heat conductor material: tourmaline ceramic

best modeling time: 1 minute (included) -2 minutes (included)

applicable hair quality: dry hair

number of sections: 25

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