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Qingdao has established an artificial intelligence society. In 2021, the average annual growth rate of the intelligent industry will reach 97%. On October 20, Qingdao artificial intelligence society played an irreplaceable role in food, beverage, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production. The society was established in the high tech Zone. The first batch of Qingdao artificial intelligence society has 8 member units, 15 directors and more than 80 expert members. After its establishment, the society will gather a group of influential experts and scientific and technological workers in the industry to build a first-class think tank in the field of artificial intelligence and help the city's artificial intelligence industry to achieve an average annual growth rate of 97% after 2021

the first batch of member units to join the Qingdao artificial intelligence society are Qingdao Institute of intelligent industry technology, School of science and engineering of Shandong University of science and technology, School of information and control engineering of China University of petroleum, Qingdao Wanlong High Tech Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Institute of industrial technology, Feiyang group Co., Ltd., Shandong Expressway Qingdao Logistics Development Co., Ltd Qingdao Zhiming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

according to Yuan Yong, vice president of Qingdao Institute of intelligence, according to the action plan of "one industry and one policy" for Qingdao's high-tech industry (2017-2021), by 2021, Qingdao will be built into an influential and competitive artificial intelligence industry cluster in China. It is expected that the average annual growth rate of the artificial intelligence industry will be as high as 97%. As a "made in China 2025" demonstration area, Qingdao has 7 projects that have become national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, 11 projects have been shortlisted for the national intelligent manufacturing special project, and 4 projects have been shortlisted for the pilot demonstration project of integrated development of manufacturing industry and Internet, ranking first in similar cities in China. However, in terms of the subject construction of artificial intelligence in Qingdao, the relevant colleges and universities in Qingdao have not yet set up artificial intelligence majors. Therefore, focusing on the development of the city's artificial intelligence industry, the Qingdao society of artificial intelligence will cultivate innovative talents, enhance discipline advantages, bring together experts, scholars and scientific and technological workers in various fields, effectively integrate the resources in the low-level homogeneous competitive state of most domestic instruments in the field of teaching, production, learning, research and application of Qingdao's artificial intelligence, and form a pool of strength, wisdom, information exchange A large platform for cooperation and exchange. The difficulties of high development cost still need to be further solved

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