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Evaluation and use: Ningmei AMD ryzen 7 1700/rx480 game design and assembly machine

one month's use experience: the number of frames playing hero League is not as high as advertised, and the frame skipping is very strong. There are 250 when I first came out, and it slowly drops to 180. A dozen regiments are 150, sometimes 130. I don't know if it's because my display screen is large. The machine is OK, but I didn't remind me to buy the fan separately at that time

evaluation after three months of use: Please Click to view the detailed review on the detailed evaluation of ecological design

product parameters:

Product Name: Ningmei AMD B350 1700 m

cpu main lifting stage frequency: 3.0GHz and above

cpu model: 1700

cpu core number: eight cores

cpu type: amd-ryzen

motherboard brand: asus/ASUS

motherboard structure: m-atx

memory brand: ill

memory type: ddr4

memory frequency: 2133mhz

brand: ningmeiguo

cooling method: air cooling

cooling equipment brand: ningmeiguo

graphics card brand: sapphire/sapphire

Video memory bit width: 256bit

video memory type: gddr5

chassis brand: theraltake

chassis type: middle tower

chassis structure: atx

power supply 80 plus certification: the measured pressure intensity value until the sample is crushed does not support

power supply brand: theraltake

hard disk brand: adata/Weigang

hard disk type: solid state disk

configuration type: crazy game

motherboard chipset type: AMD b350

memory Capacity: 8gb

graphics card type: independent graphics card

independent graphics card model: other/other

video memory capacity: 8gb

hard disk capacity: 128gb

optical drive type: no optical drive

power supply: 400w

graphics card series to identify the type and degree of surface wear of parts: RX 480

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