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Weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (October • week 4)

weekly focus of major events in the construction machinery industry (October • week 4)

China Construction Machinery Information

focus of this week: Asia aerial work machinery exhibition (apex Asia)

on October, the second Asia international aerial work machinery exhibition (apex Asia 2019) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The "1035" national strategic emerging industry development plan issued by the State Council of Dingli, Lingong, Xingbang, XCMG, Zoomlion, Liugong, Jianghe special, and jierje pointed out that all domestic and foreign mainstream brands such as Guinness, oulisheng, skajko, sinogor, TVH, etc. participated in the exhibition to show the main high-altitude platform scheme


Zoomlion brought 3 categories and 12 types of high-altitude work platforms integrating front-end technology and high-end intelligent manufacturing, and released two new za20je curved arm and zt34j straight arm high-altitude work platforms on site. This is also the first show of Zoomlion at the aerial work machinery exhibition


Liugong took 12 new D-series aerial work equipment to the exhibition, held a conference on D-series aerial work equipment, and signed strategic cooperation agreements and credit agreements totaling RMB 50million with four companies


XCMG participated with 2 arm type products and 4 shear fork products, including two new generation shear fork products and two special models for North America

temporary work

temporary work Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with its most complete series of exhibits, focusing on displaying its own straight arm, curved arm, shear fork, cross-country, spider cart and other full series of new appearance aerial work platform products


Dingli brought new arm series, large-scale off-road scissors, small mini scissors, maintenance free pure lead batteries and other exhibits. Among them, the new arm series and pure lead batteries jointly developed by Dingli were the main focus of the exhibition

simbond heavy industry

simbond heavy industry launched its new gtzz46j and many fist products, including gtzz16ej, gtwz04e, gtjz0407se, gtjz1623d, etc


jie'erjie (JLG) took part in the event with a number of new products, including the 18 meter curved arm aerial work platform 520aj, which filled the industry gap, and the electric scissor aerial work platform es1330l/es1530l/es1530lc customized for the Asian market

appointment and removal of senior executives

on October 21, Sany International announced that Liang Zaizhong was appointed as the executive chairman, chairman of the board of directors, chairman of the nomination committee and the strategy committee of the company, effective from October 21, 2019. According to the announcement, Liang Zaizhong joined the three standards in 2006, which stipulated the product classification, technical requirements, experimental methods, inspection rules, product certificate, stacking and transportation of autoclaved lime sand bricks (hereinafter referred to as lime sand bricks). During this period, he served in many core positions of Sany group and led the preparation of Jiulong insurance, Sanxiang bank and sany foundation

Qi Jian, the former chairman of the board of directors of Sany international, was appointed as the vice chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer, and will continue to be responsible for the operation and management of the mining equipment sector of Sany international

enterprise dynamics

on October 16, the contract signing ceremony for the overall relocation project of Chenggong heavy industry was held in Suining, Sichuan. Chenggong plans to invest 5billion yuan and purchase more than 240 mu of land to build a world-class construction machinery R & D and manufacturing base in Suining. It is expected to be completed in September 2020 and put into initial operation by the end of the same year. After being fully put into operation, the company will achieve the goal of annual output of 20000 sets of various construction machinery, annual output value of more than 10billion yuan, annual profit and tax contribution capacity of more than 1billion yuan, and increase more than 3000 local jobs with people's continuous research on spring testing methods

on October 18, "Beijing Sany intelligent manufacturing presented the 70th anniversary of the national day and new product technology conference" was held in Beijing, releasing seven new technologies and their applications in Sany rotary drilling rig products, including "visualization technology, the sixth generation drill pipe, intelligent terminal - yiweixun, Sany ad must be equipped with fuse and breaking MS system 2.0, winch control technology, dual fast/dual automatic hydraulic technology, and winch integral hoisting technology", At the same time, Beijing Sany smart manufacturing service brand of "one button worry free, 5231" was launched

on October 18, Zoomlion participated in the 2019 China International Rail Transit and equipment manufacturing industry expo, which is currently the only national international professional exhibition in the field of rail transit equipment manufacturing in China

on October 19, Liuhe, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, visited the Shantui booth of the "2019 world VR Industry Conference" in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, visited the world's first 5g remote-control bulldozer made by Shantui, fully affirmed the achievements made by Shantui "made in China", and expressed appreciation for the innovative achievements brought about by the integration of traditional manufacturing industry and 5g communication. This 5g bulldozer is the exclusive configuration scheme provided by Shantui for Jiangxi copper group. It is the first 5g remote control bulldozer in the world to be applied in industrial production for the first time

on October 20, Liugong won seven awards in the 2019 "China Welding Cup" national robot welding skills competition: two first prizes for groups, two first prizes for practical operation, two second prizes for process lecture and one excellent coach award. The Organizing Committee issued the certificate of "arc welding robot operator of China Welding Association" to the winners

On October 21, XCMG held the signing ceremony of the joint venture and cooperation agreement with Yiji group. According to the agreement, Yiji and XCMG will take "Inner Mongolia Yiji group Dadi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd." as the main body, carry out equity transfer, capital increase and share expansion on the basis of financial audit and asset evaluation, and establish a joint venture integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of a series of bulldozers and military civilian construction machinery products. Through three years of efforts, they will achieve the business objectives of annual sales revenue of 1billion yuan and profit of 70million yuan

on October 21, the commendation conference and closing ceremony of the "2019 China skills competition - 'temporary Cup' the fourth national engineering machinery maintenance workers' vocational skills competition" organized by the temporary contractor and the China Machinery Industry Federation were held to present awards to the winners from major enterprises. Zhu Lingxin, the temporary worker who won the first place in comprehensive results, will be recommended by the all China Federation of trade unions to participate in the selection of the "National May 1 Labor Medal", The top three will apply to the Ministry of human resources and social security for the title of "national technical expert"

on October 22, the first support center of Xingbang heavy industry opened in Shanghai, which will comprehensively upgrade the service level in East China. In the first stage, it will provide customers with sales, service, accessories and training support. In the second stage, it will pilot remanufacture business to provide one-stop services for customers in East China

on October 24, the temporary worker won the "2019 European Quality Award" held in Helsinki, Finland. The European quality award is one of the three quality awards in the world. It is as famous as the Baldrige Award of the United States and the Deming award of Japan. It is awarded once a year to recognize the enterprises that show excellent quality all over the world

industry observation

Shandong Provincial People's Government approved the transfer of 100% equity of Shandong Jiaogong to Shandong heavy industry for free. In November, 2017, tanxuguang, chairman of Shandong heavy industry and Weichai group, concurrently served as chairman of Shandong Jiaogong, and began to integrate and restructure Jiaogong, divest its non main businesses such as real estate, and jointly promote the operation of new energy public transport. Shandong Jiaogong is a state-owned enterprise in Shandong Province, with an operating revenue of 11.45 billion yuan in 2018. Zhongtong bus is its main business

Weichai recently transferred 20.84% of the state-owned equity of Lovol heavy industries and appointed two members of the board of directors of Lovol heavy industries in accordance with the articles of association. Shandong heavy industry said that Weichai and Lovol will achieve efficient collaborative research and development, and rely on core industrial resources such as Weichai Power's high-end off-road full range engines, CVT powertrain and hydraulic powertrain to complement Lovol's core competitiveness. Lovol heavy industries needs about 70000 engines in the market every year

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