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Notice on holding practical training on "1:500 high precision real estate measurement and 3D modeling technology based on UAV tilt photography" notice on holding practical training on 1:500 high precision real estate measurement and 3D modeling technology based on UAV tilt photography, It is easy to learn and widely used in 1:500 large-scale topographic map survey, real estate survey, cadastral survey and other fields. It is a revolutionary new technology in the field of Surveying and mapping. Based on the current shortage of senior talents in the application of tilt photogrammetry technology, although the employees hold the practical training of 1:500 high-precision real estate surveying and 3D modeling technology based on UAV tilt photogrammetry at weekends, this training adopts the teaching method of UAV field flight and indoor data processing. Through field project training, they master the field flight of 1:500 large-scale UAV tilt photogrammetry and the layout of image control points, Three dimensional modeling technology, naked eye three-dimensional topographic map survey and real estate survey technology. The specific matters are notified as follows:

I. time and place:

September 25-27, 2018

Shijiazhuang, Hebei

II. Participants:

technical and management personnel from provincial and municipal competent surveying and mapping departments, land, geological survey, planning, water conservancy, forestry, urban survey and other relevant surveying and mapping sheets

III. teaching method:

(I) principle explanation; (2) Field training; (3) Computer operation; (4) Case analysis

IV. course outline

main knowledge points of the course (1) UAV tilt photography naked eye stereo mapping 1. Applicable scope of UAV field flight method; (in the morning of September 25) 2. The layout and measurement methods of field image control points are not decomposed at the processing temperature (2) UAV aerial photography parameter calculation and various tilt camera flight methods; 1: 500 UAV tilt photography naked 3. Tilt photography 3D model data is imported into sv360 (3) pre flight field image control point deployment and measuring eye stereo mapping production technology process for large-scale naked eye stereo acquisition data generation method, including image control point density, image control standard production software technology process and object setting. (in the afternoon of September 25)

field demonstration of tilt photography UAV field flight, image control point layout, measurement methods and field work (taking a suburb of Shijiazhuang as an example) 1. Field demonstration of tilt photography UAV field flight process

2. Deployment of image control points and measurement methods before field flight demonstration (1) master the method of tilt Photography Field route planning; Field flight methods of various tilt cameras

(2) master the methods of measuring image control points with CORS and Chihiro. 1. Smart3d space three encryption and image control point pricking (1) master the methods of smart3d space three encryption and image control point pricking (in the morning of September 26)

(2) Master smart3d 3D modeling and generate smart3d 3D modeling technology 2. Smart3d 3D modeling and generate DOM, DEM method DOM many factories are equipped with corresponding tensile testing machines, DEM method

(3) master the method of using pix4d to carry out air-to-air three-dimensional encryption when the aircraft attitude is bad, and import the air-to-air three-dimensional encryption results of pix4d and pix4d into smart3d for three-dimensional reconstruction. Module (in the afternoon of September 26) 1. Smart3d cluster operation setting method

2. Image control point and coordinate system

setting method

3. Smart3d block operation method (1) Master smart3d cluster operation setting method

(2) master the image control point prick point and coordinate system setting method. Smart3d 3D modeling on-line operation (September 27) 1. Tilt photography 3D model import sv360 mapping (1) on-line training to master osgb data import

into sv360 stereo mapping method

(2) practice on the computer to master sv360 collection of ground objects and

contour production technology. Sv360 naked eye stereoscopic mapping technology method 2. Sv360 method of collecting ground feature elements 3. Sv360 method of collecting contour lines 5. Cost:

3000 yuan/person, accommodation and food (you can contact the sponsor to book the agreement Hotel)

VI. organization unit:

sponsor: Hebei Diop Information Technology Co., Ltd.

co sponsor: China Surveying and mapping

practical training registration form for 1:500 high precision real estate measurement and 3D modeling technology

unit information invoice header contact email address contact invoice type □ VAT ordinary invoice taxpayer identification number □ VAT special invoice unit name: taxpayer identification number: unit address : name, gender, department position, e-mail, training fee totaling ten thousand yuan room reservation □ yes □ no consult teacher: Shi wanwan: swan0905 registration e-mail:

warm tips:

1. Check in notice: the detailed check-in notice shall be sent to the participants five working days before the class starts

2. Payment method: wire transfer, cash, swipe card

3. Invoice category: information technology service fee

4 Registration deadline: September 22

Download: original notice and registration receipt form

practical training on real estate measurement and 3D modeling technology pdf

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