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The arduous path of "localization" of UHV

"On March 10, 2008, the first UHV power transformer produced for China's first 1000 kV AC UHV test demonstration project suffered from insulation discharge failure in partial discharge test. On March 22, the UHV power transformer of another company also suffered from the same problem in the test. At that time, the pressure was very high. For this reason, the State Grid Corporation of China organized the strongest domestic expert lineup, and also invited Switzerland, Russia, Japan and Ukraine Experts from other countries assisted in accident analysis. Finally, through the unremitting efforts of experts and manufacturers before the experiment, it took more than two months to analyze the causes, formulate effective improvement measures, and move towards success

in 2008, we have been doing experiments outside since the beginning of the new year. Our team didn't rest for a day during all holidays this year. I took more than 80 flights on business trips, and I went on business trips for more than 240 days a year. In general, the research and development of domestic UHV power transformers was very successful. Later, the on-site installation, handover test, trial operation and commercial operation were also relatively smooth. "

recalling the experience of "fighting" in 2008, Li guangfan, assistant to the president of China Electric Power Research Institute and director of the high voltage Research Institute, was very impressed. As the leader of the UHV Transformer bid evaluation team of State Grid Corporation of China, he participated in the whole process of R & D and production of domestic UHV transformers

in fact, this is only one of the problems encountered in the R & D and production of UHV transformers, and transformers are only one of the main equipment used in UHV projects. It is conceivable how many difficulties will be overcome from product development to successful operation, and how much hard relevant personnel will pay for this

summary of localization experience

according to statistics, in this UHV project, the State Grid Corporation of China has carried out a total of 321 UHV key technology research, and made breakthroughs in the maximum working voltage, electromagnetic environment, overvoltage and insulation coordination, reactive power control, lightning protection technology, substation and line design, power operation control and other aspects, and developed a complete set of independent intellectual property rights World leading UHV AC transmission engineering technology; A total of more than 100 electrical equipment enterprises in China have participated in the development and supply of UHV equipment, and their independent development has been successful, representing today's 2 Sample data: it provides a full set of UHV AC equipment with the highest level in the world, which provides users of electronic tensile testing machine with all sample data, and produces the world's first set of 1? 000 kV、3? 000 MVA transformer and 1? 000 kV Shunt Reactors, as well as UHV GIS and HGIS switchgear, have greatly improved the technical level of China's electrical manufacturing enterprises, and significantly improved the independent innovation ability and international competitiveness of China's national equipment manufacturing industry

in March 2009, the China Machinery Industry Federation led the special acceptance of equipment localization for UHV AC test demonstration project, and the acceptance meeting was held in Jingmen City, Hubei Province at the end of that month

"on February 20, 2009, the national development and Reform Commission issued a document on the acceptance of UHV projects by water conservancy, environmental protection, archives and other departments, in which the special acceptance of the localization of UHV equipment was entrusted to the China Machinery Industry Federation. The special acceptance of the localization of equipment is the first time that the country attaches great importance to the localization of UHV projects and equipment." Hushuqing, director of the major equipment office of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said, "it took us two months to complete the research on relevant enterprises and Jingmen Substation, and completed the special acceptance report on the localization of UHV equipment in mid April. This acceptance is mainly the summary of the first UHV AC test demonstration line, so as to prepare for the further promotion of equipment localization of subsequent UHV transmission lines." It is understood that the State Grid Corporation of China has planned to build the second UHV transmission line, Huainan Shanghai line, which is expected to adopt double circuit lines, including four substations, and is scheduled to be put into operation at the end of 2010 or early 2011

it is estimated that according to the import of key components such as bushing, outgoing line device and operating mechanism, the materials purchased globally are not counted as imported materials, and the equipment localization rate of this UHV demonstration project is 90%, which can be said that the equipment localization has achieved great success

looking back on the successful localization process of UHV equipment, Hu Shuqing believes that there are seven experiences worth summarizing, that is, adhering to independent innovation is the primary guarantee for the success of equipment localization; The implementation of supporting projects is the primary condition for localization; The overall planning and coordination of users is the organizational guarantee for the smooth progress of independent research and development of equipment; The combination of government, industry, learning, research and application is the successful experience of making major equipment breakthroughs; A realistic and pragmatic attitude is the premise for the successful localization of different equipment through different ways; National investment in technological transformation and product research and development is the guarantee of equipment research and development progress and quality; Under the leadership of the state, the China Machinery Industry Federation, the State Electricity Corporation and manufacturing enterprises have reached cooperation with each other. This is a successful example of the government led, machinery and power industry cooperation, and the combination of industry, University and research to promote the localization of equipment

at present, the Southeast Shanxi Nanyang Jingmen UHV AC test demonstration project is running well, which proves the equipment level and manufacturing capacity of relevant domestic enterprises to a certain extent, but experts point out that it is too early to make a final judgment. After about a year of stable operation, it is more illustrative

there are still regrets

"after the acceptance, I feel that the key point of the localization of UHV equipment in the future is the switchgear. The UHV switchgear of this project adopts the mode of Sino foreign joint design, property right sharing, cooperative production and domestic manufacturing." Hushuqing said that there are still some regrets in the localization of UHV equipment, "domestic enterprises need to redesign their own switchgear in order to realize the autonomy of switchgear. At present, the three major switchgear plants are carrying out this work. Xi'an Xikai High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd. has taken the lead in making a breakthrough, independently designing, developing and completing the 1? 100 kV GIS switchgear with completely independent intellectual property rights, and is currently undergoing tests."

except for switches, although other equipment has been localized, they still rely on imports for some key components. Such as bushing and outgoing device for UHV Transformer

hushuqing pointed out that the next step in the localization of UHV equipment is to promote the localization of these key components. She suggested that to consolidate the achievements of this UHV localization, the composite bushing for switchgear should be actively and steadily expanded in future projects; The bushing of transformer and reactor shall be used for trial and gradually; For outgoing line devices, domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions should be organized to jointly tackle key problems, break foreign monopolies and make steady progress; Large tonnage suspension insulators should continue to be applied in subsequent projects; The use of disconnectors, earthing switches and pot insulators should be actively promoted; GIS that has been independently innovated and developed in China should create conditions for operation when all tests are completed and the engineering requirements are fully met

the future market is unpredictable

in this UHV project, the achievements made by domestic equipment manufacturers are obvious to all, but as for how much practical benefits these achievements will bring to them, it is difficult to check whether the piston travel limit switch works by referring to the ruler on the main column Measurement

it is understood that the national approved capital of the UHV AC demonstration project is 5.8 billion yuan, and the investment allocated to the equipment is about 3.2 billion yuan. Some experts pointed out that this is not even enough for the equipment manufacturing cost, not counting the testing and R & D costs, and the relevant enterprises are actually producing at a loss. This is certainly not a normal situation. The follow-up projects will face the problems of whether and how to adjust the equipment price

and the future market of UHV AC equipment is unknown. Although the State Grid Corporation of China said it would also build UHV lines from Huainan to Shanghai and from northern Shaanxi to Changsha, due to the large impact of UHV projects, the approval of more UHV AC lines in the near future needs to wait

however, it should be noted that although the "real money" brought by the UHV project itself to the equipment manufacturing industry is not worth mentioning, the technological upgrading, equipment plant improvement and experience accumulation achieved by the project enterprise are very rare, which is of great benefit to the enterprise in improving the manufacturing capacity of high-end products such as 750 kV and 500 kV, and is conducive to them to seize this huge market at home and abroad, and the indirect benefits are difficult to predict

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